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Help! what type cut vest do I need ????

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Do I need full vest or 3/4 ,catch or bay. I will be using dogs to bay that will catch. And where can I find what I need with out getting ripped off.:smack:
WE are just getting started and need all the help you will give us.
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I do not know do not use them i would wait and see if needed most good dogs do not need i'am saying this because alot of people just think they need stuff because other people have it most dogs do not need'em been hunting hogs since the 50's and only had dogs that were cut that did not know what a hog was most of these dogs were house dogs or just pets. the dogs will learn the best with out the vest and cut collars. just tring to help the newbees i sell alot of dogs to newbees and end up training the newbees and the dogs. a needle,thread and cut and heal are all you need 1 time is most of the time all that is needed.if you think you need them someone on this forum will help. have fun hunting and good luck.:thumb:
I have run vest on some really rough bay dogs before and with out a doubt some of them lived to see another day because they were wearing vest and cut collars. Keep in mind that most bay dogs do not need vest, they will usually figure it out after they get on a few rough hogs and learn to stay back. If they continue to catch on the large rough hogs, then a vest and collar might not be a bad investment. can provide you with information as to where you can purchase vest and collars if needed. They make some running vest specifically for bay dogs. If you have access to a bay pen, put your dogs in there and see how rough they tend to be. Don't put all three in at once because they tend to be a litttle braver if they have back up, start out with a small hog if they catch put a larger one in the pen with them. After a couple times in the bay pen, you'll know if a vest and collars are a good investment. Good looking dogs.........Good Luck!
thanks guys for the help ,the one male is rough he will catch no doubt. We will hunt them sat. and see what happens, The hogs here have learned that they can wip a dog..
all hogs will wipe at the dogs .Good bay dogs will stay back and good catch dogs will catch and not get cut if the dogs get cut more than once or 2 times i would get somemore dogs and get rid of the dogs getting cut it takes time to get that salt after dogs that you do not need that cut stuff on and you will have a priceless set of dogs :thumb: :thumb: and have that fun may be in the snow
buying vest is tricky, we got some that fit to tight at the shoulders and back and would really wear the dogs down, but we run any and all types of cut collars and there seems to be no problems there, we only have two dogs that are rough enough to need vest, and they dont wear them unless we are on big ones
All my buddies and i buy from Joey Williams. He is out of Mississippi. He had makes all his vest and cut collars and can make them as light or as strong as possible. We run vests on all our dogs and there all made by him. His number is (662)542-0490. He would be more than happy to talk with ya.
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