Help pls bought my wife a 8week toy yorkie and it wont eat

Discussion in 'Ask the Vet' started by tjgivens85, Dec 2, 2012.

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    What are you trying to feed it? If you are trying dry food, soak it in milk or water to soften it up. I think it is better to use goat milk, but cow milk will work. You just may have some digestion issues. We would do that then take them to the bowl and rub a little on the end of their nose. That would normally get them going.

    Hope this is some help

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    Their blood sugar gets low. Rub some kayro syrup on its gums or go by the sugar stuff made for them. They can get very sick very quickly. They will eat once their blood sugar gets up. I learned this the hard way. Even syrup will work, just rub it on their gums. I would see a vet when possible but they can die overnight if sugars get low. Finicky little suckers.

    Good luck
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    One thing I've tried with hound pups when they're real little is milk gravy. They seem to eat this when they wouldn't nothing else. Good luck!
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    We bought our daughter a Bichon from a lady down around Hot Springs a few years back. She was only 6 or 7 weeks old when we got her. Never could get her to eat. She ended up dying a week later. Vet never could figure out what was wrong with her.
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    It's the sugar. My Maltese got sick. When they don't eat their sugar gets low FAST. As long as you keep sugar in them they will eventually eat. They make some sugary paste in a tube for them
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    Get some "dyne" most feed stores have it or you can order it online from Revival animal health, it is a high calorie appetite aid. They love the taste of it and it helps them get an appetite and gives them nutrients til they do. Everybody that has dogs needs some of this stuff it really helps out in emergencys and I give it to my dogs at a field trial for a boost later in the day kinda like an energy bar.
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    run down to an insurance agency and take out a policy real quick!! them dogs are expensive!
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    I'd get the dog to a vet. A puppy of a breed that young and small ain't gonna do well very long without food, and as others have said with a dropping blood sugar levels. Good luck.
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    Dog is a hundred percent now guys. Thanks guys and thanks Hunters animal hospital in white hall

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    Glad that everything turned out well for you!