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Discussion in 'Razorbacks' started by Gary R, Jan 7, 2011.

  1. Gary R

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    The Hogs had a good year, and I know when he left UM, RM would be the Hog QB. The Hogs played in their first BCS Bowl, should have won, but played hard. My question is, forget about my opinions about RM going to UM, but when he became the starting QB, after sitting out a year, he became the possibility of an offense. After the Sugar Bowl, he was criticized for bad footwork. My question is, after spending these transfer years on "The Hill" with the QB coach BP, why didn't his footwork get any better over these years?:head:
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    His footwork improved greatly. Ryan Mallet is a first round draft pick because he is a great college quarterback. But, he is not God, so he will have some flaws. His height and frame are both a blessing and a curse. Part of being 6'7" is having "poor footwork". He got better, but has a handicap, when compared to shorter QBs.

  3. possum

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    I think it has got better, but it's still not what it needs to be. As far as the guess would be he just hasn't had the right QB coach get a hold of him yet.
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    Then again we aren't the ones who are paid to make predictions on peoples potential in the NFL.
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    Very good point......I have wondered the same things. At first I said that Mallett aint ready for the NFL but I think it would do him better because his QB coach dont seem to be helping him in that area. As for him being 6'7 and that being the reason for slow feet...Wrong there are guys taller than that with quick feet. Maybe he will go to a team with good QB coaches to help him. And by the way I am in no way saying BP is not a good coach, heck I love the guy.
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    His footwork has improved. He avoided several potential sacks in the Sugar Bowl by sidestepping or stepping up in the pocket. Did that affect his accuracy? Of course, just like it does to pretty much every QB.
    Is his footwork as good as it can be? Probably not yet, but I don't think there's much more improvement potential there. Just because other 6'7" guys have great feet doesn't mean he will. A lot of guys less than 6' tall can dunk.....does that mean every guy under 6' should be able to? A lot of those same 6'7" guys with great footwork probably can't throw a football 20 yards either.
    One thing everybody needs to remember is he missed a lot of off-season time due to the foot injury. He had barely started running on it, much less the cutting/change of direction involved in agility drills, by the time fall practice started. And once they get into the season, they have to spend their limited practice time on game-specific stuff.
    As far as whether the offense will be better or worse next year, we will just have to wait and see, but it will be interesting to see the differences. Some plays will have to be tweaked b/c only Mallett was able to make those throws. But at the same time, regardless of who wins the starting job there will be much more mobility at the QB position. That opens up a lot of new possibilities......assuming our receivers remember to catch the ball. :whistle:
  7. n2deer

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    You know I did forget all of that time off he had off with the foot injury but I still think he is behind on the foot work. Hopefully he will get with a good coach and show us what he can do in the NFL.
  8. BIG DOG

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    he'll need an o line like brady or peyton has either way, because no matter how good is feet are, he still won't be that fast. although he can still out run me:up:
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    Last I looked, he was the 1st QB projected to go...somewhere in the top 10 overall.

    He did the right thing staying another year.

    Good luck to him.

    Tyler Wilson time.