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Discussion in 'News and Politics' started by 7 point, Dec 21, 2012.

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    In the past few days I've heard a couple of national conservative TV and Radio people say that since we have driven God out of the public schools then that's why he allowed the killings to happen last Friday. Really more specifically that since we( Americans ) have driven God out of the public schools then since Gods a gentleman and does not stay where he's not wanted then he leaves and takes his protection with him. This does make sense to me. Last I read in the New Testament God was out of the smithing business. He loves all his children and protects them but because of Adam and Eves sin and God giving us free will then evil happens in this world.

    When I heard the previous statements I was shocked and appalled. I was thinking if I was one of those parents that would mean that my Christianity wasn't good enough. Can someone who help me get my brain around this because this ain't making a bit of sense to me.
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    IMO it comes does to like you said, because of Sin, and God giving us free will, evil is in the world.

    Now, I personally think, since we take God out of everything, including the home more and more, that there are more and more kids that don't know how to turn from evil. I think if we implemented God in schools, homes, work, everywhere, that there would be less free will choices made to do evil. So that's how I see taking God out of everything impacts us.

    Do I think God "takes" protection away from his children? No way. There are just evil, monsterous people in this world, and more are created every minute.

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    The Bible say's it rains on the just and the unjust so I dont think it God allowed this to happen. I have a good friend and he is our Pastors assistant at the church, he is a Godly man and has one of the closest walks with God I have ever seen. Fourteen years ago he lost his 12 yr. old son in a terrible car/bicycle accident. He had to battle the same thoughts I'm sure a lot of these parents are but instead of blaming God he chose to turn to God and it made him the man he is today.
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    ignorant people saying things they don't think about - likely something someone else said, it stuck in their itty bitty brains and they're just regurgitating it
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    Matthew 5:45

    The Biblical equivalent of "Stuff Happens".

    Too many preachers think they are on a first name basis with God, yet know almost nothing (IMHO).

    Besides, believing that nonsense would mean that God punished some righteous Believing parent in that school who was forced to put his kid into that Godless school, no? That's absurd. This isn't the Old Testament. God doesn't rein fire and brimstone on unbelievers anymore. There is a New Law. There is punishment, but it ain't here yet.
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    I won't pretend to have an inside view of God's eternal purpose but I will offer my opinion. Each of us are put on this earth at a particular time for a particular purpose. When a loved one is taken from our midst it saddens me because I will never again be able to see or talk to them on this side of the veil. However, at the same time I am happy for the deceased because they have completed the work God has set aside for them and have been called home. They have moved beyond the pain and worry of this life and returned to live with their Father in Heaven. That is something to be joyful about if we can forget our own selfishness.