Help for a Northerner?

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    Hi Everyone
    I am from SE Minnesota and had all the winter I can handle already. 35" of snow in December! Anyhow, I would like to come to Arkansas with a couple buddies and try to shoot some pigs. We are very avid and ethical hunters and just looking for a little help to get us started. I really dont want to hire a guide and pay $350 for a pig as I dont think that is necessary. If any of you inhere would be interested in showing us the ropes it would be greatly appreciated. I do live near the Mississippi river here in MN and would trade a trophy Walleye trip in the spring or a fall waterfowl / pheasant trip to North Dakota including lodging. I have relatives in the Benton / Lonsdal Arkansas area and would like to hunt near there if possible. But success is more important to me than location so let me know what you have. Thanks in advance for your help.
    Chris WInchester email
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    Well we dont like your kind here so get lost!!!!!!!:biggrin:

    On the hog thing I would try to find a farmer in southern arkansas with a hog problem.....maybe yall can help each other. Good luck.

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    Lets just say.....

    because my feet are in the north that does not mean my heart is. I am not from the "deep south" but I am originally from southern Illinois. I promise not to use words like Uff da and Ay!
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    I hear ya man. Im in the same boat as you are on the hog hunting. I got a place I can go but it's 8 hours away in Gorgia. Im trying to find a place closer to home to stick a pig.