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  1. Ok it heats fine and then the outside unit cuts off and the blower continues to blow and then the outside unit will come on and heats up again.. Last night this was a never ending cycle.. It may have shut down completely 2 times the entire night.. Is this normal when the outside temps are in the low 20's?? Wife also said she could smell something that smelled like an electric heater when it had just the inside blower going.. I would think that all the dust would be burnt off by now, we've been running it for several weeks now..:shrug:
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    That's normal for an air to air heat pump. It has to cycle to defrost the coils outside to keep it from freezing up. The smell is from your electric heat strips inside coming on to keep the the temperature up when the cycle is going on, it is dust and lint burning off the heat strips..........:up:

  3. Yeah thats what I was thinking but the wife has got me paranoid about it.. Should it run for 2-3 hours straight though??
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    Below 32* the heat strips are gonna come on for a few minutes then off again, the fan cycle is longer....if the heat strip kicks back on again before the fan kicks off...it won't kick off....and that will continue to happen if your house is geting colder that the thermostatic setting before the fan cycles off. I'd say you're seeing pretty normal operation since the temps have dropped into the 20s. Make sure all windows and doors are shut tight....this could help settle it down; if you happen to have a window that isn't sealed.
  5. Thanks for the replies guys.. 1 1/2 hours and it finally kicked off..

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    Sounds like it is doing 'It's thing', considering how cold it got last night!!!
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    I've owned a house with a heat pump for going on 6 years now.

    Yes, when the outside temp is less than 30 deg., the heat pump never shuts down if you keep the thermostat set at over 65 deg.

    Annoyed with this also, I've installed a 5 plaque infrared heater in our living room and with that baby cranking out the BTUs, my heat pump doesn't stay running with no break all winter. I also like the feel of infrared heat better than central heat.

    ETA: There was an old commercial on KAIT when I was a boy. It had a family sitting around in a house with a heat pump for heat and air. It started out in the summer and they were all smiling and one of them said "sure is cool in here." and all of them shook their heads in agreement. Then you saw them in the winter all frowning wearing coats and gloves and one of them says "sure is cool in here" and again they all agreed. That commercial sums up the value of heat pumps in the winter time nicely.
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    I have a 3.5 ton heat pump on a 1800 sq.ft. house and elec. heat on another 800 sq. ft. part of the house and even wiht the temps as low as 15-20 they come on every 30 min. or so and only run for 10-12 min. If I was you I would have a thenician check it. My heat pump burned a wire compressor heater off last year and the heat strips were kicking in every time it came on and the electric bill almost doubled:eek: