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    NE Ark
    I just saw on a news blurb that KATV Channel 7 will have some kind of news feature on Arkansans using AR15 type rifles.

    It'll be interesting to see if it is fair or has a left wing lean to it.
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    I bet I can already answer that question.

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    i missed it what did they say?
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    you dont get KAIT up there, do ya?
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    What'd they say? All we get is Shreveport news here.
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    I don't get Little Rock local channels either. Keep us updated please.
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    It's about what I figured. Crap in and crap out.

    Never the less, I posted a comment and maybe it will wake just one person up from being brainwashed.
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  9. You can take a BB gun, make it in the form of an AK-47 and the media and liberals look at it and without further thought and say "whoa! An assault rifle"!
  10. I had the news on earlier this morning and it was ABC national news of some sort and they were reading some people's Facebook posts on a question they had asked. For the most part it was not anti- gun but the lady anchor said "look at this guys profile picture, he's shooting a rifle, that's disturbing!" Then the other anchor said "there are 200 million guns in the US, that's a disturbing statistic". These people don't have a clue. I wish they would open their eyes just a little, but that's never gonna happen. They just go where there's gonna be the biggest story and the most biased audience watching. They kept on and on about the gun numbers in the US, I just turned it off. All its doing is adding fuel to some nut jobs fire to do it again.
  11. Wow everybody calls an AR15 an assault rifle when used to kill people. Put a scope on it, it's now a "sniper" rifle.

    What if we only shoot the .223 round and do away with the 5.56? Will the media still consider it an assault. Bushmaster should rename their next gen ARs to RU16. Recreational Use 16.

    I think people nowadays hears small numbers for rounds (ex. 9mm, .40, .45) and first thing that comes to mind is its small enough to conceal and do bodily harm.
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    See that is why we the people can not give an INCH in this whole more gun laws fiasco. If you remember back when they whole assault weapons ban was going on there were a lot of folks who were gun owners that sat back and did not care because THEY did not own any " ASSAULT RIFLES". The thing is if we let up and they get any type of ban on so called assault weapons then what comes next, and will be amended time and time again is their DEFINITION of what an assault weapon is.

    We the people, the law abiding citizens should not give in any at all. When the government states it will protect you what they are saying is they will take away more of your rights.

    The same day this shooting happened a man over in china stabbed an equally amount of little children with a knife and yet I would bet the majority of folks over here have not and will not hear of that news.

    We the people need to understand if we do not do stand together and hold our ground, we will no longer be a country of we the people, but we the captives!

    I love my country, i love and thank each and every single one of you who fought for our freedoms but our country is being torn apart by the very people who are supposed to be running it. Thomas Jefferson has warned us many many times about tyranny and our right to bear arms, he said it was not just a right but a DUTY! For a nation of unarmed citizens is not a nation of free citizens.
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    Bushmaster and other AR makers may soon be history. I saw on the news that Cerberus, the financial investing company that owns them and other makes, is divesting itself of black guns and maybe all of its firearm makers. The huge California public pension group or whatever it is called has put enormous pressure on Cerburus and they caved. At least that is what I understand after reading the article.
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    Absolutely!!! Preach it brother!! :flag:
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    "Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety."
    Benjamin Franklin, Historical Review of Pennsylvania, 1759
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