Headin' for the Hills!

Discussion in 'Deer Hunting' started by Triple Threat, Jan 10, 2008.

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    I think I'm headed to the hills this week end for a deer hunting retreat! It looks like the weather is going to be outstanding considering it's January! I don't know what the solunar tables say. Time is running out! I so much look forward to October all year long with deer hunting, Razorbacks and Harding U. football. This past season has been horrible! Probably the worst ever! Not many good, happy moments at all. Too much drama with deer hunting and the family and too much drama with Razorback football. It's a shame when you love something so much and people and the devil spoil it. It could be the last or next to last trip to this place. The damage to the relationship appears to be irreparable. I'll probably be going alone (except for God) to enjoy some peace and tranquility one more time. I'm still hoping to get my first deer of the season. I haven't gotten a deer in AR for the past couple of seasons. For the first time in several seasons I haven't gotten one in TN! I would really like to get that monkey off my back!
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    I wish you luck TT. With a name like that you gotta get something. :biggrin:

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    Had another great hunt this week end even though I came home empty. Must've seen 50 deer in the food plots with a ton of sign! Deer and turkey droppings everywhere. Saw six turkey during the day and heard others roosting in the evenings. It was a beautiful week end with ideal temps. The wind got me busted several times, though! On more than one occasion I'd have several out in the food plot upwind of me only to have more come in downwind of me and snort them all out! I was hunting on the ground in a brush pile with one of those $10 camo burlap sheets. Sometimes a gust of wind would blow my burlap and the deer would catch movement and be off! Sometimes I was busted by the swirl. Had something really cool happen. I left my blind at 11:30 am to get some lunch and scout a little. I got back at 1:50 PM. During that couple of hours I was gone, a buck had left me a present of his antlers! It is a small set of a nine point! He laid them by my 30 yd. marker neatly side by side! At the base of the right antler there is a hook that would be about two inches long!
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    Now that my friend is a cool present.
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    That is the coolest thing ! My second buck this year was a nine point and he had a hook on his left side at the base that was about an inch and a half ! :eek: Very cool to hear your story....where were you hunting ? Maybe they were related he he he ! Glad you had a good time :biggrin: