Havoc or edge??

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  1. Trenton Faoro

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    im about to get a boat and wondering I’m definetly getting a GTRXD 37 EFI! Unless someone says another mud motor is better! But should I go with havoc or edge? If so why and what model.
  2. If you’re dead set on a surface drive and are going to put it through its paces, my best advice is to buy a boat that was designed to have one hanging on the back of it.
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  3. ChadL

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    Lynn AR
    I have an excel with a mud buddy. Had it 4 years. It works but there is better built hulls for these motors.
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    I’ve had both. Currently have an edge with an outboard and hope to very soon be going back to the havoc. I personally feel like it’s a more durable built boat. And the customer service is the best I’ve ever seen.
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    Specking of customer service, I bought a used havoc last year and was having issues with porpoising at lower speeds. I played with the motor height and a few different props. I figured out that the original wedges (I believe that is what they are called...the welds) had been filed down to get a little more speed by the previous owner. To make a long story a little shorter, I don't do Facebook, so a buddy of mine messaged Tim directly to get is option on what he would do to help with the porpoising. He replied back, on a weekend, it could be motor height or needed the welded wedges added back. He said that if I wanted to bring it to him he would add them back for free. I was really impressed that he would take time to reply like that and to offer to do that work for free....I am a fan!