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Discussion in 'Deer Hunting' started by outdoorartist, Jan 3, 2008.

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    I have been told about several massive bucks that have been killed this year, and I am finding it hard to believe. I have been shown pictures on some cell phones, but none by someone I would call a "reliable source". I was hoping that someone would be able to tell me if they have heard about a deer killed by a train that was like 40 somin pts. or a deer killed by a 70 yr old man that was like 30 somin pts. I would like to know if its true and would like to see pics if anyone has them. Thanks
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    The train kill is not true as for the old man I don't know.Check out this site...it has some nice bucks on it.


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    Just check the older posts here in the deer hunting forum, there have indeed been some dandies killed this year. Seems like more big bucks than ever before, but I think some of that is because more people are posting pictures online than ever before.

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    I agree. Check out some of the older posts. I don't know if Arkansas has ever produced big deer like it has this year.
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    More and more people are feeding them more......

    Corn feeders are huge, and more folks feed em year round now......

    Personally I do not agree with it, but everyone is different.
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    Hey go to ardeerhunting.com there is some nice pic of some deer on the page.:thumb:
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    I think people are now becoming aware of the advantages of deer management. I know I had the best bow season I have ever had this year. I seen two bucks running togather this year a 12pt and 8pt and both were every bit of 25" wide with super heavy horns. I could have pulled a shot at 50 yds on the big one but I just couldnt bring myself to risk it. It would have made me sick to know I wounded something like that. :smack: It was great to see them though!! Opening day I had a different decent 8 and a 6 togather under my stand and a hunter came out of the woods early on his 4-wheeler and spooked them off.. I wish some hunters would just stay home.:censored: Thats what I get though for hunting areas people look over, and walking/canoeing in to keep them that way!!
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    how about the deer in wynne on the front page?