Have You Ever Done This?

Discussion in 'Home, Garden, and Yard' started by SwampCat, Dec 7, 2012.

  1. SwampCat

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    Still picking tomatoes - and they are not cherry tomatoes. Regular ones, several varieties from regular spring planting.
    The vines died about two weeks ago but the tomatoes are still ripening.
  2. dkhern

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    if you can pull vines and hang somewhere leave on vine will ripen slower than if in window or off vine looks delicous

  3. GotPork

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    Dang Swampcat, one of them suckers wouldve gone awefully good on my bologna sammich!! I can tell you one thing, that pure honey straight outta the bee's butt you gave me is Yummmy!!!!!:eating: Might be about time for me to come visit again!!:whistle:
  4. I still have petunias on the front porch... till last night anyway.

    Been a loooong fall.