Have most of the deer gone nocturnal this time of year?

Discussion in 'Bowhunting' started by Jon, Feb 9, 2008.

  1. Jon

    Jon Well-Known Member

    I may be over hunting my area, but I haven't seen a single deer last month or this closing month. I hunt at the airbase in Jacksonville, so hunting is a bit challenging anyway. There are some great deer on the airbase. Anyone else not seeing them as much?
  2. nbaker

    nbaker Well-Known Member

    the deer heard on the air base has been nocturnal since opening day of gun

  3. BUCKSHOT_106

    BUCKSHOT_106 Well-Known Member

    I went driving through the hills about 4:30 and seen two doe we watched them until we were boared and then honked the air horn at them to run them away from the road. ( :censored: poachers) We came back down the road and they had made their way back to the road again. :smack:
  4. 10pointman

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  5. ozark outdoorsman

    ozark outdoorsman Well-Known Member

    I'm still seeing deer, but they are bunched up. If I see one deer, I see 8 or 9 or more. Earlier, you'd see 2 or 3 at a time. I saw 2 today around 3:00 in the afternoon just browsing through the woods.
  6. Down on the White

    Down on the White Well-Known Member

    No the deer are not all moving at night as I was going to work Thursday I seen several moving early in the mornings after daybreak.
    From mid December until the end of season I have found that paying attention to the moon phases helps out and when I hunt according it pays off 90% of the time.
    The other thing I pay attention to is the weather like before a cold front is moving in etc. Now this is not the scientific way or anything but it does seem to work for me. Also lets me sleep in sometimes. :thumb:
  7. JR1

    JR1 Well-Known Member Supporting Member

    Absolutly not. I'm seeing all the days you care to see at all hours of the day. Haven't seen an antlered buck in a while, but the does are definately moving and they are very herded up. Not unusual to see 7-10 in a group.
  8. swampimp

    swampimp Well-Known Member

    I don't think so either. They are yarded up pretty good though. Sat on a food plot Friday afternoon and at one time had 15 deer on it. One doe....from her hoof on her left leg up to her shoulder and most of the left side of her neck was piebald......I wanted to knock her out pretty bad but she wouldn't play nice.

    Several bucks out there feeding that had droped their racks too.:thumb:

    One big ol flop eared sucker that looked like he was 4.5-5.5 yr old or better judging by his body....kinda getting a sway in his back. I think he may have been one of the big 9 pt's we had on camera from this year.....glad to see him make it if in fact it was him. On a sad note my buddy was shed hunting thursday and found the other big 9 dead.:mad:
  9. nbaker

    nbaker Well-Known Member

    the deer on the air base act 110% different then the deer outside the fence.. if your lucky enough to catch a deer moving on base during the day it'll be between 1130am and 1pm but there's no hunting from 12 to 1.
  10. RJCNoles

    RJCNoles Well-Known Member

    My brother saw a big 9 behind his work last week. Needless to say I stuck my camera nearby where he encountered the monster :thumb:
  11. Nope!!!!!

    Counted 8 On The Way To The Camp For An 8am Meeting.....saw One While On The Stand....
  12. lowellarcher

    lowellarcher Well-Known Member

    It mostly depends on the impact your hunting area recieves. Some places yes. The place I hunt no.
  13. Hobbshunter

    Hobbshunter Well-Known Member

    I'd say no. Usually seems to me that by the end of Jan, they've forgot about rifle season pressure. I came upon a field scouting this weekend, and I figured I'd sit a glass it a bit. More than 20 deer came out about 8:30am. 3 little racked bucks and about 4 that I could definitely tell were bucks that had shed.
    They are concentrated on food sources though. If there was that many deer in that one field that morning, how much of the woods in that area had none?
  14. ozark outdoorsman

    ozark outdoorsman Well-Known Member

    I saw several in a field this morning on the way to work and this afternoon driving home I saw them again, same spot. 7:30 AM and 4:30 PM.
  15. ozark outdoorsman

    ozark outdoorsman Well-Known Member

    I went this afternoon, I was dying to get in a tree. I knew with the snow flurries moving through they should be moving good. I seen several does and actually took one at 15 yards at 4:45. No tracking required:wink:

    So, yes they are still moving during daylight hours.

    And just think, people actually think no one hunts this late.
  16. BIG JIM

    BIG JIM Select Member<br>Ol Eagle Eye

    I would say no. I saw one doe and a yearling today around 7:15 and five bucks together around 7:30.
  17. Buba Garrett

    Buba Garrett Premium Member<br>2010 Deer Hunting Contest Winner

    There is a bunch moving during daylight that I saw around the ONF unfortunately they are all around the highways which is a poachers dream!:smack:
  18. fullcredit

    fullcredit Super Moderator Staff Member

    On the way home from Little Rock to Forrest City this afternoon I saw 25 or so.
  19. hollenbach

    hollenbach Guest

    From 1 Feb thru 9 Feb, 168 deer pics on game camera in a foodplot that has been hunted one time since the first of the year - every picture at night. On another game camera during the month of January, 11 different bucks and who knows how many different does (probably 300 pics total) - six doe pics during the day, every other picture at night. I hunt this area once a week and no one else hunting anywhere near me. These deer have been nocturnal since the end of October. September and October, 75% of the pictures were during daylight hours, but about the end of October, they went almost 100% nocturnal. We killed 4 deer in October and passed on several others, and have killed 1 (a doe) since then, and have not passed any.
  20. Down on the White

    Down on the White Well-Known Member

    When that happens I start looking to set up between the bedding ares and the food source a lot of times you will catching them moving.