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  1. ARoutdoorman

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    My family owns land in Hardy close to the Harold Alexander WMA..does anyone know about the area. I'm wondering what kind of animals are up there..I know there are deer but what about hogs or bear. I'm wondering if it would be worth going up there for a week and bowhunting. Any info is appreciated.
  2. frogleg

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    Yes hogs in the area. A bear is not unheard of but I would say chances are low. Usually the quota on bears runs out fast so be sure and call the night before to make sure season is still in.

  3. bayman1975

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    Deer, hogs, turkey, small game, and like frogleg says, a bear is not unheard of, but I've never personally seen one up there. It's a great area. I've hunted it since 1977.
  4. gregrn43

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    Hogs you ask, yep plenty of them.

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