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  1. Today was my wifes birthday and in the about 4pm she asked me if I could take her out there to were the turkeys were so she could hear them. I called my mom who lives just 10 minutes away and she came down to watch the boys. My wife is a hunter but deer only SO FAR. She mostly uses her bow :biggrin:. Anyway, I took her out there all camo covered and we went out there to where I have been going to glass them. We got set up and within five minutes they went to singing loud and proud for her. She smiled and got all excited. She had never heard one before out in the wild. Did I mention this is her first year to ever hunt? She loved it and was really impressed with them. She said they were to pretty to hunt but she absolutely loved going out there and seeing them. I did too because I got to go check on them and watch them. I love my wife
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    Your a Lucky man CE!

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  4. thanks, I really enjoyed it. I am trying to talk her into trying it with me this year. But she still sais that they are to pretty to kill.
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    If you can convince her to tag along she might get to see the show and enjoy every second of it without shooting herself.
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    That's awesome!! You need to try and get one puffed up in full strut in front of her this spring.....And then decapitate him!!! :thumb:
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    Keep tabs on them and we'll see if we can find one wanting to die this spring.