Happy D-Day

Discussion in 'News and Politics' started by Buckrub, Jun 6, 2020.

  1. Buckrub

    Buckrub Well-Known Member

    Still a few old veterans of it around. Thank you all.
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  2. Remington

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    Thank you
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  3. longspurs

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    Today chokes me up bad. We owe these people everything. They are the real superheroes. It upsets me to know that the last of them are about to be gone from this world. But the results of their sacrifice lives on. God bless them, and God bless America!
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  4. Swampboss

    Swampboss Well-Known Member

    I lost an uncle I never met this day. He was 17 years old.
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  5. SwampCat

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    how would feel if you knew the future of the country rested in the hands of today’s seventeen yr olds?
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  6. Allenn

    Allenn Well-Known Member Supporting Member

    Thanks to all that serve and served.
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  7. buck720

    buck720 Well-Known Member

    Yes thanks for those who have taken care of us. I wish our country could have done the same for you instead we are letting it totally implode and sitting back watching as it happens.
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  8. Fisk

    Fisk Well-Known Member

    Thank you to the boys that did this. I have an old 1800's dirk that one of the boys bought in a pawn shop in London right before he hit the beaches. He carried it the rest of the war.
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  9. sam

    sam Grand Member

    Seventy six years ago today brothers Ubert Terrell, 100, right, and L.C. Terrell, 98, were both invading Normandy on D-Day, one on the ground and the other by air. L.C. took out two enemy machine gun nests with hand grenades that day. He knew he could throw accurately because he'd spent a lot of time catching and throwing balls with a minor league baseball player he'd known before the war. He successfully lobbed a grenade into the nest, but only after crawling up the beach on his belly. Ubert, who was fluent in Cajun French, Spanish, and Italian, carried out five covert missions to gather intelligence for D-Day by parachuting into occupied France by night and meeting up with members of the French underground. That’s in addition to him flying over Normandy to help deliver paratroopers onto the battlefield. Not bad for two country boys from Louisiana. Photo by Chris Granger

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  10. archeryman.501

    archeryman.501 Well-Known Member

    My dad with his uncle (my great uncle). He stormed the beaches IMG_7239.jpeg
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  11. jackie53

    jackie53 Well-Known Member

    Thanks for your service..Thank You..
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  12. Hogbreath

    Hogbreath Well-Known Member

    A huge, heartfelt salute to all those men who hit the beaches that day at Normandy. Such a tremendous display they showed of real bravery and courage.
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  13. Swampboss

    Swampboss Well-Known Member

    With guns or hand to hand not good.

    But if the weapons are run remotely with a Xbox controller maybe not too bad.
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  14. N8HARNER

    N8HARNER Well-Known Member

    My grandpa fought in WW2. I miss him. He was awarded a Purple Heart like so many of those men back then. I wish Americans could unite once more for our country, instead of all this nonsense that goes on these days. A big salute to our veterans.
  15. brushcreek

    brushcreek Well-Known Member

    Both of my grandfathers fought in WWII both received Purple Hearts. One fought in north Africa and Italy and the other in Western Europe - he was badly injured in the Battle of the Bulge. Heroes.
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  16. CoyoteControlInc

    CoyoteControlInc Well-Known Member

    My wife’s grandfather fought in Africa in the army. I really don’t know much about it because he wouldn’t speak of it. A great uncle was a crew chief on a B-17 in Europe then Africa. And my grandfather was a Sea Bee in the Pacific building and demoing airstrips, bridges, and ship yards on a small island. All are gone now. I’m glad they can’t see what they left us with and how it’s gone so far off course.
  17. Luv2hunt

    Luv2hunt Well-Known Member

    When men were men.
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  18. wawa

    wawa Well-Known Member

    My dad turned 18 in January 1944 and immediately enlisted. He joined the Army Air Corps and became a B-24 tail gunner, actually having to bail out once. I can't imagine today's typical 18 year-old kid being man enough to do what those young men did back then. When Stephen E. Ambrose's book "The Wild Blue" about a B-24 crew came out in 2001 I got him that book and I think he read the whole thing 3 or 4 times. He said it was exactly the way he remembered it. All WWII vets are superheroes to me.
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  19. sparkie

    sparkie Well-Known Member

    It does they are trying to get them all to sign up to vote---and they are brain washing them to vote dem!!!!

    HAY:::: I Just want to through this in here today is our 51st Anniversary. HELP.
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  20. R6mm

    R6mm Well-Known Member

    N. Texas
    My Dad was in the army during WW ll. They were stationed in the jungle, in & around the Burma area, most of the time.
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