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I was talking with 1tuffdog at camp the other day and he mentioned that he had seen a shrub sprayer at Home Depot and was wondering if it could be rigged up to work like a boom sprayer. I decided it was worth a try.

The parts list:

Lowe's, North Little Rock (Home Depot's customer service drove me across the street)
$6.27 3/8 Ball valve with hose barbs (I wanted plastic, but no one had a plastic valve with hose barbs)
$1.78 3/8 to ½ elbow hose barb to MIP
$1.87 T – 3/8 all around
$1.78 Shrub spray nozzle 180 degree
$3.60 6 feet 3/8 ID braided hose
$16.52 Total

$2.00 5/8 hose clamps (needed 6)

$18.52 Grand Total

I sat still in the street and ran it for a while to get the width and depth pictures, the coverage isn't as heavy as it looks in the pictures, but I think it will be enough. The spray went nearly from curb to curb and had a pretty even coverage. The clear hose is what I added to the existing sprayer pump in the plumbing picture. The ball valve is opened when I want to drive and spray behind me, when closed, the liquid goes to the wand. While the pump ran continuously, it didn't seem to lack pressure and when I opened the wand valve it sprayed about 6 feet which is much shorter than normal, but still usable, so I believe it is still within the pump's operating envelope.

These pictures are with plain water in the tank to try it out. When I mixed in the Roundup at camp, it cut down the width that the sprayer would throw, when I got home I measured the width at 18 feet, but this was a more diluted mix than I used at camp.

I need to fix up a better mount for the nozzle and I think I'd like to add an elbow coming out of the valve to run the line under the wand hose so they won't get tangled.

Just thought I'd share and hopefully save you guys some money too!

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