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  1. jpsimmons45

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    Does anybody on here have a recommendation for hand held radios? I have had several sets over the years and haven't found a pair that I have been happy with. I currently have a set of Midland Xtra-Talk radios. They are supposed to have a 38 mile reach on Hi Output under optimum conditions.

    Base on my experience, on Hi output & under most conditions I am lucky to get 2 miles. I talked to my local Radio Shack. They recommended a hand held CB radio. I think it had 4 Watt output and cost about $100 per radio. I am looking for a hand held setup that will have a 10-15 mile reach. I am not sure if there is a setup like that or not. Any recommendations or advice would be greatly appreciated.
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    a handheld cb wont be any better than you have now.we have some icom brand commercial walkie talkie radios that we use.we hunt on 600 acres and they will talk all over it clear as day.they will talk severa miles.the little ones like you have now are way overrated on the distance they will talk.i have had 2 different brands of them before we got these others and they would not talk across the woods.