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    This is not good! :yuck:

    The great American staple. Don’t worry, burgers really do come from cows—but have you ever wondered how those giant chains process and distribute so much meat so cheaply? And . . . are you sure you want to know?

    The Truth: Most fast-food hamburger patties begin their voyage to your buns in the hands of a company called Beef Products. The company specializes in taking slaughterhouse trimmings—heads and hooves and the like—that are traditionally used only in pet food and cooking oil, and turning them into patties. The challenge is getting this byproduct meat clean enough for human consumption, as both E. coli and salmonella like to concentrate themselves in the fatty deposits.

    The company has developed a process for killing beef-based pathogens by forcing the ground meat through pipes and exposing it to ammonia gas—the same chemical you might use to clean your bathroom. Not only has the USDA approved the process, but it's also allowed those who sell the beef to keep it hidden from their customers. At Beef Products’ behest, ammonia gas has been deemed a “processing agent” that need not be identified on nutrition labels.
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    that is why usually the only burgers i eat are from cows we raised, slaughted, and butchered ourselves. :up:

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    Interesting. I wondered why the Slim Jim factory that blew up a while back would have even had ammonia tanks to explode.
  4. who'll stop eating them knowing this information? :whistle:
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    Not me! In fact all this talk about hamburgers has made me hungry. I think I'll have a quarter pounder with cheese for lunch.
  6. I doubt I will either....I eat bologna, potted meat and spam too...why wouldn't I have a burger?

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    I have stopped eating fast food joint hamburgers. They have got to where they taste like nothing but a burger. I will get a burger from those greasy spoon joints that have a grill back there 20+ years old and their pattys are hand patted. Now that is a good burger.:thumb:
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    Yeah, you don't even wanna know what's in potted meat!

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    Pork is in potted meat. Everything but the oink.:eek:
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    Most food processing plants use Ammonia for cooling.
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    They also use it for tempature control in the plants