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send only the bolt and bolt carrier. Plenty of guys have had this done and it works.

John Norrell, Inc.
13529 Saddle Hill Dr., Little Rock, AR 72212
Five Zero One 225-7864 fax, E-Mail>[email protected]

With thread protector add $25 Benelli Shotgun Bolt Modification
When H&K imported the Benelli M1 Super 90 and Super Black Eagle until 1/1/98, the shotguns had the
capability to hold and fire an additional shell in the “tray.” This feature is exclusive to Benelli
shotguns only and allowed Benelli shotguns that were legally plugged for three shot waterfowl hunting
to actually hold and fire a fourth round. Benelli shotguns now imported do not have this capability
. of an extra round capacity due to a modification to the bolt carrier. This modification can
. be corrected to allow the additional shell capacity. Send only your bolt and bolt carrier for modification... 50.

I've seen this done "homemade" not buy gunsmiths, just don't look real nice
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