"hambone" duck call by c.h.amaden

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    I'm looking for information regarding a "hambone" duck call made by C.H. Amaden of Lonoke, AR (GO HOGS!). I came across this one in a second-hand shop. It was still in its original box with 2 reeds and appears to have never been used. In the box was a price list dated 1978. Does any one have any information on the craftsman or these duck calls. Ive had it for about 24 hours and have had 2 people at work offer to buy it. I don't really want to sell it but it has peeked my curiousity. It is walnut and has a transparent and green label. Any information would be helpful. Thank you.
  2. Don't sell it.. You can talk to some folks around stuttgart that know calls or some collectors and they can give you a value idea and some info.

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    If it is not open...DON'T open it! Worth a lot of money, and great collectors piece. I am pretty sure Butch Richenback will give you 4 new RNT's for that one call you have. I would hold on to it.
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    One GREAT FIND!!!!! They are great calls, I still use the engraved one that Mr. Amaden gave me for gradutation in 1979. I have a laynard loop on the both ends. Every year I say that I am going to put it on a shelf with the others, but I don't. I would not part with it for any amount of money. If you want to sell it let me know, I know a few people including myself that would like a shot at it.
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    You found the egg layed by the Golden Goose there. Take care of it because they are rare. I got several of them, but all of mine are retired & put up in a safe place. I knew the man that made that call personally. Shared a duckhole with him many a time & sat in his little shop in Lonoke watching him whittle a call out several times. Even helped him build a couple of the ones that I have now. When the subject of Custom calls come up, the Hambone is the standard used by alot of people. Each & everyone that carries that name was 100% hand built from start to finish. He built a bunch, at least for a 1 man factory, but never got into a mass production bussiness.

    Here is a little know deal that you can look at to see it the call is 100% original, take the barrell out of the call, look at the reed, see if it has an "X" marked on the reed. If it does that was a deal he done when he had finished hand tuning the call.

    A nephew of his that still resides in Lonoke has all of the original die's that Howard built & is making a call that is called the Amaduck. As far as I know he is not marketing his call at all, but is building a few alone to keep the bloodline alive. He changed the outside appearance of the call so it would not degrade the legacy of the Hambone, but the working parts of the call are the same.
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    I was curious and looked on Ebay. There are several on there right now going for $300 plus. Congrats!

    search for Hambone and you will find several calls under the sporting goods section.
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    You never know what you will find sometimes or what it is worth until the right person comes along. My wife bought a duck call at a yard sale for .25 just no reed. I showed it to a few collectors and was offered $700 for it, even posted on the old website here. I showed it to two different guys who have written books on collecting ducks and it went up to $950. Finally after none of them could do a positive ID we put it on Ebay and it went for $1050. Hang on to it until you have done some research or as some have said tuck it away and enjoy it.
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    Congrats! Put that dude in a fire proof safe. Finding one in mint condition still in the box is a BIG deal. There are lots of calls out but not many Hambones!
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    talk about a profit! :eek:
  10. Tony Harris

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    Yeah, I had a buddies wife buy him an old turkey call with the box. Turned out to be a Gibson. Paid $25 for it and sold it to Davis Love III, the golfer, for $4500. Sometimes you just fall into it.
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    Thank you all for your input on "hambone"

    i really appreciate u fellas giving me so great information on the "Hambone" mallard call i lucked into. your input was great. im really excited about the find! thanks again.
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    I have a hambone on my neck that I bought from Mr. Almaden in the late 70s. I thought I remember going to his shop in Carlisle not Lonoke? Any way, I have a plastic bag of reeds and corks he gave to me right before he stopped making calls. My son asked me for a new reed for his Hambone this weekend. I will give it too him because that is why mr. almaden gave me that bag of reeds and corks. I am going upstair shortly and look at the reed and see if there is an X.
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    Rambo, It was definately Lonoke. I grew up there and spent many an afternoon in that shop, honing my calling skills. My mother and Mrs.
    Amaden still ride to church and other functions together.