Had something interesting happen this morning.

Discussion in 'Deer Hunting' started by SA Doc, Dec 9, 2012.

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    Was at the lease this morning and was going to shoot a doe for a coworker. I was sitting in the brush in my topdrive hunting truck near the back of the ranch. Had a couple of does out and a 9 pointer. The buck was mainly eating corn, but every once in a while he'd give a half hearted chase. I shot the doe with my AR and she dropped. The buck ran out of the lane, but was back within 30 seconds. He sniffed her, then starts licking her "hindquarters" and getting excited. Does a lip curl and hair starts to bristle. He then tries to lift her rear end with his rack. And spends the next 20 minutes alternating between licking her and trying to mount her. It was starting to get warm and I needed to get going, so I finally drove up to him. He just stood over her and would not give up. He finally ran when I was about 15 yards away, but than only ran about 50 yards and stared at me the whole time I was loading here. Definitely an interesting morning.
  2. CBD

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    Now that is strange, I've never heard of such!

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    Deffinately interesting!!!
  4. I killed a doe a couple yrs ago in early m loader season, i drug her back to my lane and walked out and got my 4 wheeler. When I turn into my lane there was a scrub standin over her, I dont know if he had been tryin to breed her or not but he was checkin her out. He didnt hang around though...
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    Get up baby, get up:brows:
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    Bahhahahaha.. dude just needed something easy to get.
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    I've seen it happen b4 too, A couple years ago I was bowhunting one morning and shot a doe with my bow, she ran about 60 yards and fell over, several minutes later I hear a grunt and look the same way the doe had just come from and here comes a 6 point walking in her tracks, he stopped and smelled of the arrow stuck in the ground with blood all over it, walked on, following the trail she had taken b4 expiring,gets up to where she's laying dead and proceeds to rake and qouge at her with his horns, moving her around n a circle,,, trying to get her up,, for a minute or so finally gives up and goes on........
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    I've never personally witnessed it, but one of the hunting shows had a feature on it a few years back. I think it was on a Drury video, a doe was being chased by 4-5 bucks and after the hunter killed her, the biggest buck hung around. He used his horns to pick her backside up, seemed pretty frustrated about it. I'll be that was a cool sight seeing it in person.
  9. realhunter

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    I too had a similar experience. Shot a doe back in 2009 in the spine. She dropped right there. About 5 minutes later a 4 Point came along and thrashed her with his rack. I couldn't tell if he wanted to breed her or kill her! After about 5 minutes he walked on. I remember thinking that was something I've never seen on a hunting show. Wish I would have had a camera.
  10. Rob

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    I had it happen few years back. Shot doe she fell dead. Lil 6pt come by and does same thing. He even got down on front forelegs trying to mount her.

    About 10 years ago I was doe hunting and shot a doe with smallish 8 pt behind her. She fell dead, he stayed around for bout 5 mins. It is amazing how he grew in that 5 mins. I ended up shooting him to. He wasn't quite as big as he looked standing over her.
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    Years back I killed a nice little 8 point that was chasing 2 does, dropped in his tracks with the smoke pole, reloaded and climbed down, took a good little while, and one of those does was still standing there, not 10 feet from that dead buck.
  12. Triple Threat

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    I had something just the opposite happen several years ago in NE Texas. I shot a buck chasing a doe and she got really frustrated and wouldn't leave!
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    It's like me n my wife. "Hey... poke poke poke... You awake?"