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This will be my first trad bow season

Since my wife doesn't eat deer anymore and just 1 will do well for me I plan to hunt with this bow and only this bow this year. I don't have anywhere to hunt with a rifle anyway.

I'm lucky that I have Henry Gray and Wattensaw close by to hunt. It's public land but way better than no land at all. If I can manage a deer with a recurve I'll be jumping for joy.

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Drilled it!
Your "ranging shots" were all "minute-of-deer," too! :biggrin:
"Minute-Of-Deer", I like that.

Have Gun ... hang with it. Nothin' like gettin'em in close.

You put a well placed, razor sharp broadhead in the one and you will
be amazed just how fast one can expire from such a devastating wound.

Don't forget about Holland Bottoms WMA just down the road in J-Ville.

Good Luck.
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