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    Since this afternoon was the last day of Modern Gun, I took both of my girls out for an afternoon hunt. As usual, by the time I got them ready and left the house we were 15-20 minutes behind schedule. No big deal with the weather the way it is I didn't figure we would see anything until right at dark. We arrive at my hunting spot and start to walk in for the afternoon sit. My oldest always wants to blaze the trail. She wants to take off so she can see it all first. My younger is a chatterbox. She is always talking about everything that comes into her mind. Then there is me the pack mule. I have the gun, two chairs and a pop up blind. I get caught up to my oldest just as we reach the end of the fence row. I looked a head and said "freeze do you see that deer". She was excited and the younger sides stepped so she could see too. I set all the things I am carrying down and reach in my bag for some shells to load the gun. Some how, the deer stood there looking at us long enough for me to load my gun and prepare for a shot. I asked them if they wanted me to shoot it. They said yes. I shot and the deer dropped in it's tracks. My girls were stoked. They went up and checked it all out. It was awesome to see them excited.

    After talking with them about taking the deer, I told them they could help me quarter up the deer or could play out in the pasture. Of course, they took off. I pulled the deer into a tree and I see a guy in plain clothes walking in the same way we came in. I thought great the guy across the field is pissed that I killed "his" deer. Quite the contrary, he introduced himself and asked if he could watch me clean the deer. He said he has been wanting to start hunting and has been watching "you tube" videos for when he makes his first kill. I said sure. So as I cleaned and quartered the deer he watched and asked question about certain steps along the way. He told me his dad had hunted when he was younger but never went with him. Talked about venison and how good he remembered it being. After I was done, I told him to take as much of the deer as he wanted. I had already tagged it and had some in the freezer already. He was surprised. I gave him a hind quarter and the back strap, shook his hand and wished him good luck. He said what can I give you. I told him to just return the favor some day to somebody else.

    I was lucky enough to learn from my Dad and enjoy hunting with them to this day. I live 4 hours from where my family does, but I run home to hunt every chance that I get. Not as much for the hunting as the company. This weekend we are all headed to Moro Big Pine for a weekend permit and I can't wait.

    Sorry for the long story. I just wanted to share my afternoon.
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    Here is a picture of my oldest daughter with the deer. It was just a doe, but made for a great evening and memory.

  3. Heck yeah, that is awsome. Glad you got to share that with your kids. Also, that is awsome that you got to share with someone that is trying to get into it. I am glad that you were "kind enough" to share your kill with him. Maybe he will pass it on someday. You are a heck of a guy, I don't know you but this story is all I need. Thanks for being a "hunter" and not just a killer. :up:
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    That's awesome! And congrats on the deer!
  5. the pic didn't attatch. I can't wait to see it.
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    photo (1).JPG Hopefully, it worked this time.

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  7. thats a heck of a smile on her face. CONGRATS
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    She was happy. This was the 4th time I took them this year and the 1st deer that she actually saw. The rest have been too far away or just shadows passing before good enough light.
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    That's awesome!!!
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    That is great that your girls got to be with you for this. When they are older, it will be these simple, good times that they will cherish the most!
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    Man that is great! :up:
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    Great story! Thanks for sharing.
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    X2. Great job ar_lawngood.
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    Awesome story!! Congrats!!
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    NE Ark
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    Congrats on a great hunt, good times in the field with your children. Thats about good as it can get in my opinion.
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    Sounds like a great day...Congrats
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    Congratulations :up: Great story and picture too
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    Awesome pic, congrats!