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Guns & NASCAR stuff for sale.

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I've been cleaning up and cleaning out some stuff, if your interested in any of this just shoot me a pm and I will try to answer any questions that you might have just as soon as I possibly can.

Thanks JR

New England Firearms singleshot .410 gauge shotgun 3" chamber, full choke. Has brand new Choate Tamer stock and forend. I have an almost full box of #6 shells (I think that I've only shot 1 or 2 shells out of it. I also have a full box (5) of slugs also.) $125

Marlin bolt action .17HMR Model 917V with a 7 shot magazine. It has a brand new Nc Star 3-9x50E scope with illuminating crosshairs mounted on it. I still have the box and papers and everything that came with the scope.) A brand new bi-pod and it also comes with an extra 7 shot magazine . $300

Gun sales will only be a local ftf transaction, sorry for any inconvenience.

Autographed Mark Martin Team Caliber Pit Stop Series 1/18th scale 2005 Viagra Car. (Autograph is on car hood just above where it says Viagra.) I had Mark autograph this at the racetrack @ Locust Grove a few years back. I'm asking $75 for it.

Autographed Ryan Newman/Penske Racing/Alltel 1/64 scale Team Transporter Hot Wheels 2002 . I picked this up when we went to North Carolina to the Coca Cola 600 in 2005. I am asking $50 for it.

I also have Dale Earnhardt Jr. Revell 2000 Chevrolet Monte Carlo. This was from Dale Jr'.s rookie season in NASCAR. I am asking $50 for it.

I also have the following items for sale; NASCAR cards of Richard Petty, Bobby Labonte, Sterling Marlin, Jeff Burton, Todd Bodine, and Dave Blaney. All of these have been autographed by the drivers. I have the following "hero cards" that have also been autographed; Casey Atwood, Stacey Compton, Terry Cook, Mark Green, Robert Huffman, Ashton Lewis Jr., Robert Pressley, David Reutiman, and Brent Sherman. I will sale all of these together or seperately.

I also have the following NASCAR books if anyone is interested in them.

All of these are hardback books.
1) NASCAR Generations by Robert Edelstein
2) My Greatest Day in NASCAR by Bob McCullough
3) NASCAR Confidential by Peter Golenbock
4) Wide Open Days & Nights on the NASCAR Tour
by Shaun Assael
5) The Ultimate Race Car by David Burgess-Wise
6) American Speed From Dirt Tracks to Indy to
by LIFE Books
7) Winston Cup Illustrated 1991 Season Review
(It has Earnhardt Sr. on the cover after winning his
5th championship.)
8) Driver #8 by Dale Earnhardt Jr. with Jade Gurss

9) Young Guns Celebrating NASCAR's Hottest Young
by Triumph Books

10) Dale Earnhardt Jr. The Driving Force of a New
by Beckett Publications

11) Dale Earnhardt - Determined by Benny Phillips
& Ben Blake with Dale Earnhardt

The following are all paperback books.
1) The Charlotte Observer presents ... Dale Earnhardt:
Rear View Mirror
by Sports Publishing Inc.

2) A Tribute To Dale Earnhardt Commerative Edition
by Checkerbee Publishing.

3) Remembering Dale Earnhardt by Rich Wolfe

4) 3 The Dale Earnhardt Story by ESPN books

5) Behind The Scenes of NASCAR Racing by
William Burt

6) NASCAR Transporters by William Burt

7) Stock Car Race Shop by William Burt

8) Stock Car Team Secrets by Bruce Martin

9) NASCAR Diecast and Model Cars by Bill Coulter

10) The Official NASCAR Busch Series Handbook by
Harper Entertainment

11) The Unauthorized NASCAR Fan Guide 2004 by
Bill Fleischman and Al Pearce
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Sorry I didn't get back to you sooner, we went over to Petit Jean today. I was thinking $5 for a piece for the hardback books and $2 each for the paperback books.
All of the books have been sold. A big "Thank You" to rntbuck he bought the majority of them. If your interested in anything else just shoot me a pm.

Price is kinda STIFF on the MM car
Make me an offer. I might be willing to deal.
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