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    I have mentioned this gun before about finding a good gunsmith but thought I would just ask if anyone has ever run into this or knows how to fix it. I got a 1916 model Bittish .303 that I bought when I was 14. Some Jackwagon in the past, before me, attempted drilling and tapping it for a scope and got the holes off center so the scope sits side ways on the rifle. Not Good!!! So I need the holes filled and redrilled and tapped. So do yall know of anything I can buy and do it myself or is there such a thing. Give me some thoughts. Thanks.
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    You can buy flush mount screws (like you use to fill screw holes after a front sight is removed) for next to nothing.

    Just plug the old holes with the flush screws so they won't look sloppy.

    There are several types of Enfield scope mount systems out there.

    I know Brownells sells a no drill / no tap Lee Enfield mount system for $80, which is way less than a gunsmith will charge you to fix the screw up and re drill & tap.

    Whichever mount system you choose, pick one that doesn't conflict with the holes you screw plugged and you should be set.