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Discussion in 'Waterfowl Hunting' started by green_head_getter, Dec 22, 2010.

  1. green_head_getter

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    A buddy has a lab that's about 7 months old. He is scared to death of guns. How do you break him? I shot around my dog since she was a pup as to never have this problem. So how do you break em
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    There are ways, but it is nearly impossible once it is established......:smack:

  3. marionfd728

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    start from about 100 yards away with the pup eating and gradually get closer shooting all the way. by the time the shooter reaches the pup he should just ignore the blasts.
  4. qwack smacker 1on1

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    start with a cap gun inside just pop it whenever dont let him see it tho him and have someone else do it in hallway or kitchen....:up:
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    your going to need to associate something fun for him that includes the gun. start out small, get him used to the sound of the action, pump and auto..and then like marion said, start out far away and come black lab is/was scared of guns...she is better than she was, but it took the girlfriend and i, doing the above methods, and she will finally tolerate us shooting the occasional shotgun in the back yard, or a .22. She is 3 now, it should be easier with a pup.

    i got the idea of starting far away and coming from a video with chris akin and training...i think its available online.
  6. qwack smacker 1on1

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    i started sitting him at me left side have someone throw a dummy id trow up shotgun but the person behind/beside me popping the cap gun then 22 then shotgun now we good
  7. My son's pup is 8 weeks old and we started him on gun training last weekend.. While my son was playing with him I started shooting a .22 rifle from about 50 yards away and worked my way closer until he was playing around my feet.. I paused between shots to check for a reaction and other than being curious with the 1st shot or two there was no problem.. I shot maybe 10 times with him playing at my feet.. He might try this method on his pup and it may or may not work.. I had a beagle that was gun shy and couldn't break him of it no matter what I tried.. He was a wonderful rabbit dog but once you fired a gun he was back at the truck and done for the day.. Good luck and remember to start with a smaller bang rather than a loud blast.. A kids popgun is a good starting point and try to work with him daily..
  8. another good thing to start with is some 2x4s with carpet wrapped around them then slap them together while someone is throwing "up-Ups" and the pup is playing after doing this a while take the carpet off and repeat then move to the cap gun/ .22 and slowly move up to louder guns.....
    Is the pup scared of the sight of a gun???
  9. green_head_getter

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    Yep, as soon as he sees it he flips. He has only had 5-10 rounds gone off by him tho. We are gonna shoot 100 rouds at clay targets by him today and hope it breaks him
  10. theplayer

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    If he is scared of the gun and you shoot skeet by him and force him to be near the gun shots it will make it worse. You have to start slow and work your way up like everybody is saying. Let him eat or throw a dummy for him and have somebody about 100 yards away fire a shot. If you have a pop gun they can be closer. If there isn't a bad reaction have them move in a little closer. The dog needs to be doing something fun like eating or playing so it associates the gun shot to good things. It will take some time and forcing it will make it worse.
  11. green_head_getter

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  12. NaturalStateNative

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    If he is scared to the mere sight of a gun then I'm sorry to say, you have a very long and maybe insurpassable road ahead. Dogs that tremble to the sight of guns are in an advanced stage of gunshyness and some never make it out. The only way I condition my dogs to gunfire is have a buddy fire a cap pistol from a distance while I throw fun bumpers in close with the pups attention consumed by the bumper. Not making the pup sit and be teady or any of that garbage, just letting him chase the bumper and having fun. I don't even shoot while they are eating because the pup is relaxed. When they are chasing the bumper hard the gunfire is just background noise. Have the shooter GRADUALLY move in closer until you can shoot directly over him. This will be a very slow process for this particular pup. Pay close attention to the reation to the pup when he hears the shot and praise him while he's retrieving so the sound of your voice will also muffle some of the shot
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    Sometimes it is easier to get another dog than it is to break one from being gun shy. :thumb:
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    After the first day he is considerably better. He is still a bit nervous at the sigh but doesn't run away. He will now retrieve a dummy while shooting. Can't quite shoot over his head. Gonna take my lab and just let em run and play while we shoot targets.