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    First off let me say that I am not in any legal trouble and don't plan on being, and I hope I posted this in the right section. Now, I am wondering if anyone knows any attorneys around the Little Rock, NLR, Jacksonville, Searcy, Cabot area that are experienced in self defense cases. I have been reading a lot lately on aftermath of self defense situations and it seems to be a great idea to know the name and contact info of an attorney if you are ever in that situation, because even if you're in the right you are going to need it. I am not by any means looking for trouble and hope to God that I never have to use my firearm in self defense...but I want to be prepared just in case it ever happens. Last thing I want is to go to prison because I wasn't prepared and some scumbag prosecutor got me slapped with charges for defending myself. I may sound paranoid but it's far better to be prepared than wishing you had been while you're sitting in a prison cell. I take my right to carry and defend myself very seriously and want to make sure my a** is covered in all areas. Cheers.
  2. I don't know of his particular case history, but I have a buddy Jeff Wankum, who owns Wankum Law Firm out of NLR who has told me before, "if you ever need a defense attorney call me." He's a deer and duck hunter so he's gun friendly.

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    Ablondi Law Firm in Little Rock knows his stuff on guns and the law.
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    as long as they don't find the body you should be OK, not that you've done anything.....:whistle:
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    I've also heard about SD shoot insurance.
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    NE Ark
  7. Even if the body is found, try to make sure that your story is the only one told.:up: