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Discussion in 'Bowhunting' started by mathewsman07, Jan 2, 2011.

  1. mathewsman07

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    Thank the lord the gun season in zone 12 is FINALLY over!!!!!! They need to cut that :censored: thing down about 2 or 3 weeks!! Seriously how long does it take to kill a deer with a gun!?:smack:
  2. 10pointman

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    Another freakin Fellow hunter-bashing thread?

    What is it with you guys? Grow up or find a new sport!!!!

  3. ozark outdoorsman

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    Well from the second week of october to the first week of january there is some form of muzzloader or gun hunting going on almost every weekend. Talk about a nightmare. Geesh. At least bunch the whole thing together so the deer can calm down sooner and get back to normal. This few days here and there between the orange army invasions is bull crap.

    Glad its over:clap:
  4. totalcomfort

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    As long as it takes:head:Maybe if there were more people killing does they could shortn it up a little.To the OP how many does have you passed this year???I am happy that we have a long hunting season (gun) and yes I only bow hunt.
  5. ozark outdoorsman

    ozark outdoorsman Account Suspended

    I dont buy that either. How many days out of muzzloader or gun season can you kill a doe again?

    The answer is 10 days out of almost 50 total gun and muzzloader days.

    Almost 80% of "gun days" you cannot kill a doe:down:

    SKEETER Well-Known Member

    NE AR

    x2 I am so sick of it, just about kills my enthusiasm to even go out at all.
  7. 10pointman

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    Lets start a Bowhunter-bashing thread.We don't have one of those.And I bowhunt some,But don't gripe about guns because I do all three.

    You guys are hopeless.I'm going to start bashing bowhunters every chance i get from now on and see long it takes you to get fedup with it.
  8. Just jump right in and join the orange army. I've killed more deer with a bow wearing orange than without over the last ten years.



  9. Tink

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    I don't mine gun season cause it's so easy fill your wife tags. :cool:
  10. funny just read an article in deer & deer hunting

    about are deer hunters their own worse enemy????? everyone hates dogs,bow hunters hate gun hunters,cross bowhunters aren't bowhunters,real bowhunters hunt with traditional equipment, real duck hunters only shoot mallards,squirrels and rabbit hunting aint hunting?????? bow season last till the end of Feb...........C'mon man!!!!!....:fit::fit::fit: where does it all end.....I only bowhunt in Texas but do all three in Arkansas.......:clap:.....used to be hunters respected other hunters.....I feel like killing deer with archery tackle is harder than using muzzleloaders and modern gun but each man needs to get a chance to enjoy the outdoors as they see fit.....:thumb:
  11. 10pointman

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    Yeah I know what you mean.I hate Bow only guys who think they should be the only hunters in the woods.
  12. shotgun wg

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    I don't get it. Bow hunters get 5 freaking months to hunt and they don't want anyone that doesn't hunt with a bow to hunt for a week. For less than 2 months u can gun hunt in zone 12. After the thanksgiving hunt I would surmise less than a third of mg hunters are still hunting. If it is more than that by the 1st week of dec. It is surely at this point. Sat and sun are basicly the only days any number of folks hunt. I don't complain a bow hunter gets to deer hunt for 5 months. Y'all get to hunt when they are in there summer patterns. U get all summer to pattern them. We don't. It's not because of pressure it's because they change thier patterns by mid nov. Every bowhunter I know kills their bucks in oct or late Jan. Leave us gun hunters alone and enjoy the fact y'all get the extra time. And I bet if it wasn't for gun season u wouldn't have started hunting much less bowhunting. I enjoy what time they allow me to hunt stop trying to take it away from me.
  13. bigworm

    bigworm Well-Known Member

    Please don't shorten gunseason!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. possum

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    As a bowhunter I realize that even if there is a firearm season is open I CAN STILL BOWHUNT!!!!!!!!

    I guess somebody is always going to cry about something.
  15. BTC

    BTC Well-Known Member

    I consider myself to be primarily a bow hunter but the attitude of many "Bow Only" guys leaves a bad taste in my mouth. I simply dont understand why if you want to hunt with a bow only then just do that...during gun season. Lots of guys dont bow hunt but have just as much right to be in the woods as the guys who choose to hunt with archery equipment.

    The gun hunter bashing serves only to divide our ranks. And with dog hunting being what it is...we dont need anything else to cause problems. I like dogs even though Im mainly a bowhunter but thats just my opinion. I dont get on the internet and bash those who dont like dogs.

    Just my opinion. If you like it thats great...if you hate it...that's great too.:biggrin:
  16. Tink

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    I can't bash gun hunters cause I got a TC Encord for Christmas. So I love ML/GUN.
  17. SR4

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    All I do is bowhunt and I don't get you guys that are anti gun. I bowhunt right thru gun season and it doesn't bother me at all. Why do some of you feel the need to cry and whine constantly? Seriously why?
  18. dash4cash

    dash4cash Well-Known Member

    I would also like to hear a legitimate reason as well. I have some opinions, but will keep them to myself:biggrin: Can an bow only hunter please explain the reason for the hate?


    HANDGUNNER Well-Known Member

    Dang it!! I sure wish some people would get a freaking life!!!

    I bow hunt.with an Xbow.........usually a little in early October........Then ......

    I pull out the smoke pole.........then.........

    I use either the rifle or handgun..........then.....

    The smoke pole again........

    Then after the middle of January, after things have settled down some........I bow hunt till the end of the season!!

    IF YOU DON'T LIKE IT.......TOUGH!! I love to hunt and that's what I'm gonna do, and could care less who is in the woods with me or around me, or whether they are using a string and a stick , a smoke pole or a rifle/pistol or a freaking rock!!!

    I do it cause I enjoy it! You hunt your way, I'll hunt mine, but don't bash me for what I use, and I won't bash you for what you use!!

    Get a life!! Nuff said!!
  20. Arkansas Archer

    Arkansas Archer Well-Known Member

    For me gun season generally means seeing less deer. When shotgun season comes in around here the deer just disappear. Yeah their still around they just move mainly at night. More pressure means nocturnal in Arkansas that sucks. For us bow only guys you have to be close we can't pickem off at hundred yards when the deer decide to move right at dark. Deer just act different when gun season comes in and even after it goes out. Most of the time when I finally get the deer some what figured out it seems like some kinda of gun season comes in and then it starts all over again yeah I know that's part of it. I honestly hate gun season but I know it plays a big role in keeping our herd in check. I could go on and on about gun season but it won't matter it will always be here and all you can do is make the best of it.