Gun Season

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  1. Screw gun season :censored::biggrin:
  2. here we go again. I don't understand why you would want to attack another form of hunting. We are all hunters. There is no need for fighting within the ranks. :banghead:

  3. who cares about ranks.
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    Why are we so upset young grasshopper?
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    nothing better than slammin deer with 3000 ft/lbs, can't get that from an arrow
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    crazy crazy crazy
  9. Did you fail your hunters ed course again??:shrug:
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    more like his mom won't let him have a gun until he turns 13
  11. :fit: :fit: :fit: :fit:

    Or he just found out from his probation officer that he can't possess a firearm.
  12. Bless his heart..:frown:
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    Poor Fella.........
  15. x2
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    found this pic of the little guy
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    Well, I see by some of your past post you hunt down in the Special Rules Holy Land of Deer hunting, SE Arkansas around Tichnor, where they have all them special rules no one else has to go by, like the one where they can shoot about anything that walks with any weapon of their choosing Oct 1 thru Feb 28, so if gun season in that area is your problem, Yep, you are screwed for sure!:banghead:

    Hey, got a thougt that might help up out, Know of a fellow named Ron Duncan up G&F way that may can help out on getting some of these privilaged rules no one else has done away with, that is if you have some pull, joshduncan!:whistle:
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    josh is a poop stirrer folks. :fit:
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    If you don't like gun season, by all means, run for congress, change the law and eliminate gun season. Otherwise, don't worry, be happy.:wink: