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  1. zachpilot

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    Hey guys and gals,

    My gun cabinet is running out of room so I am thinking of investing in one of those large fire proof gun safes. How ever after visiting the local Sportsman warehouse I see that there is all sizes and price ranges to choose from so I was wondering if anyone here could give me their opinion on what they feel is best for the money.


  2. CrabClaw

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    Gun cabinets are sure pretty and nice to display your weapons, but they are not secure by any means-they advertise your guns to entice the criminal. Get the biggest , most fire proof gun safe you can afford--best investment you can make regarding your guns. You'll be amazed at how you ever got by without it-important papers, photos, keepsakes, etc.

  3. Idigdirt

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    Academy sports sells the one that I have. I think it was the best safe for the money I found. Its an American Eagle by Cannon. Its rated 1200 degrees for 33 minutes. It holds 30 guns if you put them in just right For under $600. Thats the price of 1 good rifle.
  4. reflex1

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    Check all the stores - Gander Mountain, Ft Thompson, Wally World, Sports Academy, etc - compare and write down what info you gather in a chart like listing - then see what is best for you. I bought mine on sale at the Fort last summer - about $600 with taxes.
  5. Make sure you look at the inside layout real good. It may say it can hold x amount of guns, but you gotta place them just right. Only thing i hate about mine is to get a gun out of the back or middle you gotta pull them all out to get to it
  6. JR

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    I got one a couple of months back, and I just love it! It beats having a gun cabinet anyday of the week. Not only do I have my guns in it, but I also store my ammo, and important documents in there.
  7. smokepole

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    I purchased a Browning safe it is safe to 1250 for 45 minutes. You can also put important papers o n top shelf. My homeowners went down when I put it ina sasfe. Buy the best you can it is a good investment. Also the peace of mind when you are not home. Good luck and good hunting.
  8. ryanh_johnson

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    I just bought a Remington 24 gun a few weeks ago thats rated at 1200 degrees for 30 minutes and it was just a little over $400 WITH taxes........the store didnt want to have to keep so many in stock all year they closed all models out...... i love it!!
  9. whiteoak

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    I have a 28 gun safe from cannon,Look at service calls and what will be done if it is in a fire.Layout is important most of all buy the best and biggest you can may be more up front but you will be happy in the long run.
  10. Mr. Chitlin

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    Good words there. You'll out grow a safe real quick.. Look at the biggest one you think you'll ever need, and get the next size or 2 up.
  11. zachpilot

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    Thanks all,

    Do you guys also put de-humidifiers in your safes. Electric powered or battery powered.

  12. I just have the silica gel packs in mine.........big ones.

    I really don't have a humidity problem in my home just outside!:frown: