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Discussion in 'Campfire' started by jg54, Dec 21, 2012.

  1. jg54

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    I did a quick search on the forum, and all of my questions weren't quite answered.

    I have some spending money as the end of the year approaches, and I have decided to invest in a gun safe. Having never owned one before, I have a few thoughts and questions on which I'd like to hear your opinions.

    I'm thinking about a 24-36 long gun capacity. Of course, since I don't own any guns, I could put other things in it like cash and important documents.

    Mechanical or digital locking mechanism? I'd like to hear pros and cons of each, and your preference as well.

    I really like the pistol slots and storage on the door.

    Budget? Preferably around $1500, but would be willing to go a little higher if the value/deal was there. Also, where would you recommend to purchase one of these bad boys?

    Any other things to look for while shopping around? I guess the main thing I'm asking for is your suggestion and feedback on safes that you have had experiences with.

    Thanks in advance for any advice! :up:
  2. Passthrough

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    Digital lock- no cons that I can think of

    I would get one that had a hole to run an electrical cord through it so you can have a dehumidifier, light, etc.

    Also, buy as big as you can afford, you sure don't want to have to upgrade later. I know you don't have any guns now, but you'll be surprised how fast you can accumulate 50+ guns (at least thats what I've heard, I'm still saving up for my first gun as well)

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    NE Ark
    Always get one bigger than you think you need. When you start putting guns with scopes or pistol grips in them they won't hold the number claimed. That number is for unscoped single shot 22's.

    First thing you know, momma will want to put her nice jewelry in it and you'll want to keep other things besides guns in it.
  4. Hobbshunter

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    I've got a 24 gun safe, and it legitimately holds about half that (long guns).
  5. dkhern

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    dont forget to plan how you are going transport ane get into home. if not in a big rush at most lr gun show at end of show you usually get deals on display modles they dont want to have to take back
  6. Got mine at bass pro at the "outlet" store next door. It was a scratch and dent model although it took me a while to find what was wrong with it its a 24-36 I think. Has all the fire ratings and all and paid 750.00 for it. The damage was when it was built, when they ground the welds down the grinder hit the sides a few times no biggie.
  7. Buckrub

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    Digital lock. Change the 9v battery every two years. Easy peasy.

    Bought the biggest safe Winchester (Granite Security Products bought them) makes, got it from the factory from a friend.....hauled it home. Whew. Last August, Ft. Thompson had the same safe for $600 less than I paid for it, minus the gas to Ft. Worth!!!!!

    Get one twice as big as you can afford.

    The fire rating is the most important. At least an hour at min temperature of at least 1200 degrees. Even then, that's marginal.

    Ft. Knox is the best one made.
    Winchester has a good high end.
    Anything is better than nothing, but the really cheap ones are just storage cabinets. I've seen one, forget the brand, at Academy Sports, sitting in the front.......looks like a loss leader to me, poorly made.

    Research them, get the online brochures, compare features, type of seal, inside or outside hinges, thickness of door, total weight, etc.
  8. Ekspurt

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    I would think that some place like Ft. Thompson would be willing to make a deal on one right at the end of the year so they don't have to carry the inventory over to 2013. Cash and carry is a good incentive to make a deal. $1,500 ought to buy you a really nice safe.
  9. Hunters refuge in white hall is the safe place
  10. 2fast2reid

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    Dad has a Defender series and it is impressive. The link above has several different brands. Only a few different manufactuers out there.
  11. Unit74

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    Amsec BF6636 is what i have and it is rock solid. 90 min fire rating and weighs 1200 pounds. Get the electronic. Lock.
  12. wayneo

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    Liberty Fatboy at Bill's Lock and Safe. I got the old manual combination for simplicity.
  13. GotPork

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    YEP!!! I live in SW LR and drive 45 min. a few times a year to buy all my guns and my gun safe from them!! They ARE that much cheaper than other stores. Whatever you buy.....BUY THE 6 FOOT TALL ONE!!!! That is the one i bought and it has the extra shelf on top, it's 27"x42"x72". It is a Liberty with decent fire rating and weighs 1,250lbs empty. It was around $1700. I backed the Chevy up to there dock, took my tailgate off, laid it in the bed, put the tailgate back on and went home. I do have access to pallet jacks from work, borrowed one of them, laid down pieces of plywood in my house and made a trail to its final resting place where I took it off the pallet it was on. All this was done with me and one other person!! Mine has the old combination lock and I don't have any problems with that!!
  14. Buck-Ridge

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    I bought a Liberty fatboy. It claims 48. I have less than half that in it and shelves on the other half. I bought one with a mechanical lock. I feel it is more reliable than electronics.
    I plan to keep it the rest of my life. I didn't open up the knockouts to run electricity in mine and probably should have but I didn't want a less insulated hole in it in case of a fire.
    I agree with the others that you should buy one with about double the guns you have. You can find lots of things that need to be in it. I was concerned about moving it and held off on buying one. I had the store load it on my trailer and I slid it into place on carpet on its side. I was able to stand it up when I got it in place but it was the limit of what I needed to try and lift alone. It wouldn't have been bad with help.
  15. Gohogsgo7

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    I have a Liberty Lincoln. Originally I had a digital lock but it didn't open every time. Had bill's lock and safe switch it back to dial. Liberty is best one out there in my opinion.