Gun rights advocates begin receiving death threats

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    WARNING there is foul language in this article.
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    How are the anti-gun folks planning on killing the pro-gun folks?:head:
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    I don't know but I'm willing to pop the popcorn and watch. Suitably armed as always, of course.
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  6. Those nut jobs are exactly what is wrong with this country. They don't care about anything but their beliefs, or learn about anything they disagree with. I had some training in Memphis this week and our instructor is from Chicago. All the guys in class were from the south. The instructor decided he needed to address gun control, a Chrysler automotive training class? In the south? Needless to say he lost but he also said he learned some things that he didn't know and we kinda enlightened him on firearms. Said he's never held a gun let alone shot one. It started to get a little heated but in the end it was actually a good discussion. If all we did was open his eyes a little about gun control then we did something in our favor. He's only been here a year, lived in Chicago all his life and he didn't have a clue about the city's strict gun laws. He said "they may as well not have any because all the shootings they have". My answer was " then obviously gun control doesn't work because if a guys gonna shoot somebody he doesn't care about gun laws anyway. Most if those guns weren't obtained legally anyway." He said I never thought of it that way. I guess all we can do is plant seed everywhere we can.