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how many deer lost to guns?

Poll closed Jan 26, 2011.
  1. yes, i know of at least one

    21 vote(s)
  2. none that i know of

    19 vote(s)
  3. more than one

    25 vote(s)
  4. your crazy to think a gun can wound a deer

    5 vote(s)
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  1. how many people know of at least one deer lost to a gun
  2. THExONE

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  3. coonnutz

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  4. I think they may be.........:fit:
    Okay trying to not come across mean or attacking.......okay.....if you haven't you HAVE NOT HUNTED MUCH!!!! PERIOD!
    And that is with any weapon!
    Now that you can put in the bank!
    How many polls do we have to have for some people to learn that......I mean experience should answer this but I understand not everyone has that.......

    So if you have never lost a deer with any weapon you haven't hunted much and need to let time educate I am going back to the woods......
  5. seriously. :clap:
  6. i will do another one just for archery. we can compare the results.
  7. SR4

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    You got something against gun hunters? If so, why?
  8. I think He is just trying to figure out if He is the only one..........:whistle::whistle::fit:
  9. THExONE

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    I have not lost a single deer this year with ANY weapon!!!! So take that...

    I have not taken a shot this season either........
  10. SR4

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    I guess he doesn't have an answer.:head:
  11. Guitarzan

    Guitarzan Well-Known Member

    I sure wish some elitist bowhunters would try to stir up things around here, and pit the gunhunters against the stick and string guys.. Sure gets boring sometimes. :down:

    I think I am going to start hunting them with a pocket knife strapped to a cane pole so I can be better than everybody! :banghead:

  12. i am asking about how many you know of this year
  13. THExONE

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    For what purpose?

    Lets say for example Jimmy loses a deer and I know him and vote. Well what if Jimmy posts on that he lost a deer with his rifle and 30 other people vote because they know Jimmy from his post about a lost deer.

    What good does your poll do if you have 31 people vote about the same lost deer? :banghead:
  14. pruitt76

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    That's an excellent point!!
  15. Than jimmy probaly needs to stop talking so much?
  16. THExONE

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    Is that a question?

    I am Ron Burgandy? (someone will get the reference)

    No sense trying to rationalize with you. Enjoy the absolutely pointless results to your poll.
  17. i already am. Ron Burgandy

    you will get my point soon sir.
  18. pyrohawg

    pyrohawg Well-Known Member

    Havn't missed a deer this year. I've probably shot at least 50 of them...Those digital camera are real deadly
  19. mossyhorn

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    i smell a troll form PETA!!!! You wont last long on here.