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    Went with goose slayers yesterday and had a ball shot 30 geese excellant outfit. Was more fun than duck hunting. We had a group of about 100 geese come in on us and made it rain geese. what a blast!!:thumb:
  2. Just curious but do you eat all of those geese? I have eaten a few Snows and they were OK, not tough or stringy like some folks say. To me they taste as good as a mallard.

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    Snow Goose is actually better than most folks would imply. While it can be a bit wild or "gamey" tasting, it is much like most wild game -and dependent on how it is handled and prepaired.

    Any recipie that works for duck will work for snow goose. I have also found that if I slice snow goose breast into medalions like tenderloin, and cook them EXACTLY as if it was deer tenderloin, it can actually be hard to tell the difference. IN fact, two years ago, when I only got one small deer, I did slay quite a few snows - and they helped fill the venison gap a bit.

    Now - when the snows first fly in from up North, they can be a bit stringy because they are scrawny from the trip. But it doesn't take long eating soybeans and winter wheat to fatten them up.
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    we will eat a few, but mostly we will boil them down and get added into dog food. I do not like to see them go to waste uassaly we will eat as many as i can handle then when they are about to go bad we will boil them up de bone them and you have your self a high quality dog feed but make sur you mix it with plenty of other dog food.