Discussion in 'Waterfowl Hunting' started by CJ, Dec 30, 2010.

  1. CJ

    CJ Member

    Where can I find some green heads on public land?

  2. CJ

    CJ Member

    Ok u got me..couple hours from little rock would be nice
  3. xbigp

    xbigp Well-Known Member

    seems like they is more green jeans than green heads round the public spots lately
  4. Backwater

    Backwater Well-Known Member

    You're gonna need to do some driving and looking to find them. With the water being scarce like it is this year, no one's gonna give up a good location. Good luck.
  5. hunt4meat

    hunt4meat Member<br>You Can't Change This Side

    if there was water, 7Devils, White river nwr, holland bottoms. But there ain't no water, go deer hunting.
  6. madduck87

    madduck87 Well-Known Member

    yeah go there...with every other hunter from the southern US
  7. JohnM

    JohnM Well-Known Member

    Heard a guy hammering them yesterday morning at holland bottoms, we where in the ditch across the railrode tracks.
  8. horn hunter

    horn hunter Well-Known Member

    Dave Donaldson. Water and ducks everywhere.:fit:
  9. shiftymcfive01

    shiftymcfive01 Super Member<br>2011 Turkey Contest Winner<br>2013

    hurricane. bring your moccasins
  10. Ill sell you a hunt....if you dont shoot you dont pay
  11. CJ

    CJ Member

    Never been up that way any suggestions?
  12. Bologna Gravy

    Bologna Gravy Well-Known Member

    Dave Donaldson

    Water is scarce and so are the ducks.
  13. Clay pool area pretty hot...bring plenty of shells cause your gonna shoot.
  14. NaturalStateNative

    NaturalStateNative Well-Known Member

    It's a lost cause asking about a place to hunt on here. If you read the threads and pay attention and put 2 and 2 together, I'm sure you can figure out where people are killing ducks at. But asking directly won't get you anything but smart remarks
  15. wooducksooie

    wooducksooie Well-Known Member

    Dave donaldson? Your kidding right?? Have heard not so good reports from there.
  16. 9oclockflytime

    9oclockflytime Well-Known Member

    Really... I heard they was thick.