Greater Scaup

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    Went Sunday to Conway and ended up getting 3 drake buffleheads. The ducks have definitely moved out compared to the last time I was there. Went to the river yesterday morning and only got one but it is a beautiful and not so common Greater Scaup. This is the second one of these I have ever shot. He looks like a bluebill on steroids. He has a big block head and instead of his head being irridecent blue, his is irridecent green when you move it. I'm definitely going to get this one mounted. I'm hoping they can fix the pellet holes in the bill.
    Some funny stuff happened on the river yesterday. I got to the ramp around 4:45 a.m. and was the first one there. I got to a new spot and had all my decoys set up and was settled when the late crowd from the ramp let out. At 6:15 a.m. four boats came whizzing out trying to get spots. The funny thing was that three of them wanted the same area. They set up within 100 yards of each other. Two of them were closer than that. You could tell that some of them were getting agitated because they were making all sorts of noise and yelling real nice four letter explicative words at the other. I talked to one group of fellas at the ramp who seemed to be really nice. They were the first ones to set up and had the other two groups set up on them. They said they were beating the paddle against the side of the boat to let the other guys know they were there, but those guys set up anyway.......Gotta love that great sportsmanship!
    Talked to a buddy of mine who hunted the Meto that same morning and had the same thing happen to him. He had two kids set up on him within 50 yards right at shooting time. The kids were shooting at all of their swing ducks. The kids didn't drop a duck and my buddy left without any ducks and pissed off.
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    Another pic of the scaup.

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    Nice looking bird we managed to kill a few greaters this season as well.

    They arent that common in this state so kindda cool to get em. Not to mention they are really fast.

    Heres a pic of some of ours. Of the scaup in the pic 3 are greaters.