great Friday birds gone Saturday

Discussion in 'Waterfowl Hunting' started by bhays, Jan 7, 2008.

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    Finally got on some ducks Friday and killed a limit of mallards and ringnecks... The lake was covered up with ducks and I was done by 8:00 (should have been done by 7:30 but my shooting was a little rusty:smack: ). Got 3 buddies to go back with me to the same spot Saturday morning...killed a grand total of 2 ringnecks!:smack: Friday morning was 18 degrees and clear while Saturday was 67 and cloudy and humid as could be... Guess all the ducks picked up and left with the front from our area... Ready for the last split now, hopefully it will cool down and some more ducks will come in. Got checked by GW first time ever after spouting off about not ever being checked the weekend before!:smack: We were all good and he was pretty nice though and shot the bull with us a bit. Good luck to everyone next weekend.
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    Sounds like you got had by the thaw. Ducks went to the fields or woods to feed. Remember that spot next time the freeze happens. (If it happens)