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    I've always been told the best body guys in the Sherwood area are either 2 of the Helmbeck brothers.

    The one located off hwy 67 inbetween Kholes and Cloe's furniture which is nopw Auto Body America really took care of us today. My wife took her 2010 Mazda 6 there for an estimate to fix where it was side swipped on new yrs day. (i posted a thread talking about the hit and run)

    Anyways when they were checking the car out and my wife was waiting they buffed the entire front fender out and cleaned up the front pass wheel. My wife thanked them and asked how much it would cost and they refused payment! That really made our day. thank you very much

    The new GM, Ricky McGan told my wife the guys at that shop are the best he has ever had the privilage of working with. The car looks new again and i have seen many cars they have done work on. Just wanted to put their name out there incase anyone is looking for a good body shop in this area