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The annual Graybeard Championship Squirrel hunt will run from May 15 through October 3, 2020. There will be four categories: Rimfire, Shotgun, Primitive, and Dogs. The rules for the various categories are as follows:

Only rimfire rifles or handguns may be used. No dogs. No road kill.

Shotguns only; No dogs; No road kill

The following will be legal in this category: Muzzleloaders; Pellet Guns; Slingshots; Spears; Bows and Arrows; Rocks; Clubs; Blowgun; Hands; Feet; Arse; Ugly Face(as long as it is yours)
No dogs; No roadkill

Any legal weapon; No road kill.

A single photo containing the kill, the hunter, and the weapon used must be posted within three days of the kill. All three must be in the photo or that day's kill WILL NOT BE COUNTED!

The final photos must be posted by 10:00 pm October 3, 2020.

Prizes will be awarded to the winners of each category.

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Who won that one Last Year? Just kidding JB..After ya this year....
I am a glutton for punishment.....put me down for Primitive! I guess I will have to slather down in deet and break out my Ted Nugent signature buckskin loincloth so I will be bona fide primitive! I might even russlenup a buckskin headband and some knee high moccasins!
1 - 20 of 31958 Posts