Graybeard Championship Squirrel Hunt 2020

Discussion in 'Small Game and Bird Hunting' started by reb henderson, Apr 24, 2020.

  1. NEA x SEA

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    Thanks for clearing that up. I was confused about who is the daddy of who around here.
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  2. Onetrakd

    Onetrakd Well-Known Member

    This hurts deeply.

    My real daddy Rabbit ran off and left me and now your disowning me?

    I’m gonna find a bottle to find the bottom of....
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  3. Punkinseed

    Punkinseed Well-Known Member

    Se ark
    Thats hard to believe
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  4. LJ107

    LJ107 Well-Known Member

    Dusty little kids like y’all walking around with jelly in their mullets while wearing cut off jeans and their uncles dress shoes would make most men want to leave. Good on Rusted for stepping up in a tough situation.
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  5. Arkie_3_fan

    Arkie_3_fan Well-Known Member

    Punkin, he was referring to the Marlin and Savage as to the higher up guns the 10/22 beat.
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  6. austincrutchfield

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    I want to see said video, jackie ya got a link to it?
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  7. orangefeetdown

    orangefeetdown Well-Known Member

    Does he even know how to post a link?
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  8. Onetrakd

    Onetrakd Well-Known Member

    He sent a pm earlier asking what a links was.

    I told him Jerry Clower called em souped up wildcat.
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  9. Alpha

    Alpha Member On Double Secret Probation

    Vortex Crossfire 2 4x12..
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  10. jackie53

    jackie53 Well-Known Member

    Leave him/her something!!!!
  11. jackie53

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  12. jackie53

    jackie53 Well-Known Member

    Because its probably you..Onion..Yuck!!
  13. jackie53

    jackie53 Well-Known Member

    The Lake..
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  14. jackie53

    jackie53 Well-Known Member

    Yep..Don't know how to link it..
    YouTube Ruger 10/22 Accuracy Test..I think

  15. jackie53

    jackie53 Well-Known Member

  16. jackie53

    jackie53 Well-Known Member

    Called u alright...
  17. jackie53

    jackie53 Well-Known Member

    Wow!!! Can't hide money....Trade your 12 blaster...

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  18. Alpha

    Alpha Member On Double Secret Probation

    shoot na aint getting rid of either one.. just need to learn how to load 2 oz tss in a 2 3/4 shell :fit:
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  19. Mr. Rusty

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