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Discussion in 'Bowhunting' started by bayman1975, Dec 21, 2010.

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    My grandson and I bowhunted Sunday and Monday over at Scatter Creek. We didn't bring anything home, but a lesson was learned. Up to now, he had never had the opportunity to draw his bow on a deer. He chose his own stand site, and he chose a thicket that borders the east side of a food plot. I went to the other side, down a little further to a honesuckle thicket the deer were traveling thru to get to the food plot. We were both hunting on the ground. Bryce found an opening in the thicket were several trails intersected and set up back inthe brush to watch the opening. I had told him that with the cold weather, the extra bulky clothing, and the excitement of the moment, he could find it difficult to draw his bow. He said there was no way he wouldn't be able to draw his bow. Well, a little after 8 he had a 6-point walk up at 5 steps from his position, and guess what. He couldn't get his bow drawn. He said it felt like he was pulling against a wall. I had to laugh, but I was glad he had a exciting experience.
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    We had a guy on our lease that swore up and down that his bow was broken. He couldn't get it to budge when trying to draw on a deer. He got home, and guess what... His bow was fine. We have a name for this syndrome. Around our camp it is know as "cold bow". :up:

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    Bet he does a little practicing with his cold weather cloths on:up:

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    Yep..Been there, done that... I layer now. It'll help you stay warm without the bulk. I bought 2 of the Starters ( Under Armour type ) long sleeve shirts. They really work for this. I wished they made bottoms too.
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    Lessons learned each hunt is one of the things I love about hunting :up:
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    Sounds like one of the first turkey hunts I remember. A fall hunt after we busted up some young turkeys (yes there was a fall season at one time) and Dad called them back up. I had my HR 20 gauge, but couldn't pull the trigger. It was stuck or frozen or broken or jammed or any other excuse. Dad laughed and said, "Welcome to Buck Fever.....or Turkey Fever". Tell him to hang in there, I've overcome it and never had trigger freeze again!
  7. "cold bow" or whatever you wanna call it i always drop my draw weight on my bow 5 lbs the first of november :whew:
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    That's a good way to prevent it for sure. :thumb: