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  1. BOSS99755

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    My cousin has some grade beagle pups for sale. They are bluetick and are half blackcreek and I think 4 months old. They are bold pups and have had a gun shot around them. We have worked with em in the field and put them on a tame rabbit. They should be 13in hounds and make good rabbit dogs. You have to call him he has no computer. His name is Brad 501-270-1202.
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    How many and price?

  3. Tim T

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    Can ya put some pics up?
  4. BOSS99755

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    Give him a call he might sell more then just the pups. The dogs he owns I had as pups. He might do like a discount if someone bought them all. Just ask him what he has for sell and you seen the post from BOSS.
  5. BOSS99755

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    He has three pups and the mother for sale. The price is $75 each but I am sure he will deal a little.
  6. BOSS99755

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    The dogs have been sold. Thanks to all