Grabbing suckers

Discussion in 'Fishing' started by rickie self, Dec 31, 2005.

  1. rickie self

    rickie self Well-Known Member

    Anybody on here grab suckers ? Wondering what kind of grabhooks you'all use ?
  2. rickie self

    rickie self Well-Known Member

    guess this is a north west arkansas thingy.

  3. xring

    xring Well-Known Member

    I've heard of it but never grabbed and suckers,,,,are they buffalo or carp or what they call red horses?

    ARGROUNDSWATTER Well-Known Member

    Are you talking about snagging suckers? We snag redhorse suckers sometimes in the spring when they make their spawning runs in the rivers. I take a large treble hook and squeeze a split shot on the bottom of each hook. Then I put a small white twister on one of the hooks so I can see the hook under the water. I always wade out into the river on a shoal with the fish. Stand still for a little while and the fish will swim right up to you. When you see a fish approaching swing the hook up stream of the fish and let the fish swim over the hook or let the hook drift under the fish. The scales are really tough on suckers and the best place to snag one is on the mouth or head. My reel of choice is an old Zebco One on a fiberglass rod. I had a possible state record redhorse on for a short time a few years ago and it was jumping like a trout going up stream and peeling line. There is a limit on suckers now because of people killing them and letting them rot on the bank. If you are not going to eat them or use them for fertilizer under your tomatoes please practice catch and release. GOD put all animals here for a purpose and their is no reason to waste a resource like this.

  5. rickie self

    rickie self Well-Known Member

    We call it grabbing,but snagging is same thing. We use 3 prong treble hooks with white paint on em and jerk into the schools of yellow suckers and they run back and forth between grabbers. Use rocks to run em to the grabbers when necessary . When was a pup that was my job. Someone up here got to welding 2 big hooks to old popbottle opener to make grab that always fell on its back and hardly ever gets hung up. Thought some of you'all might have homemade grab that I did'nt know about. Love to eat them suckers.

    ARGROUNDSWATTER Well-Known Member

    When I pinch the split shot onto the bottom of a treble hook it makes the hook sit up with the points up and makes it easier to snag a fish and not a rock. When snagging suckers I flip the hook above the fish and try to drift the hook under the fish. It sure is a lot of fun.:thumb: The guys on here that their local rivers flow full of mud don't know what they are missing fishing a clear stream.

  7. Trapper

    Trapper Well-Known Member

    Never done much but from what I've seen done around here they use 4 or 5 single hooks and have them tied like 5 to 6 inces apart.
  8. rickie self

    rickie self Well-Known Member

    We throw the grab in the travel path of the school of suckers and grab as first ones cross the grab, hopefully getting one and turning them back to the grab person behind them .Putting weights on grab like you said to make them sit up may help me if still jerks into fish ok. Thanks..
  9. Wes Ramsey

    Wes Ramsey Well-Known Member

    I've never snagged any, but my father-in-law and I gig 'em on Bryant Creek in Ozark Co, MO. I've only been a couple of times, but we gigged a couple of decent suckers and a handful of snakes each time :eek: I've heard they taste good, but he always eats 'em long before I have a chance to try 'em :smack:
  10. rickie self

    rickie self Well-Known Member

    Went this weekend few minutes and grabbed 4,love to eatum.Quite a bit of gigging goes on around here, used to lay on creek bank and take turns gigging and frying fish.I can always eat more than my share.
  11. fish

    fish Well-Known Member

    Not 100 per cent sure , but don't the law still state all fish snagged must be kept?:confused:
  12. rickie self

    rickie self Well-Known Member

    Bet catch and release won't work well after those hooks get em..

    ARGROUNDSWATTER Well-Known Member

    I would rather see snagged fish released back into the water than thrown onto the bank to rot. One place we snagged one day we kept a few and released some ( most snagged in mouth or under head). A few days latter one of the guys went back and someone else had snagged a bunch and left them on the bank to rot.:frown: I have seen some bowfishing shows that were throwing the fish back after being shot with an arrow. I think that a fish has a better chance surviving a hook than an arrow.

  14. huntin4bb

    huntin4bb Well-Known Member

    Thats ignorant to throw them back. That would be like going out with a scoped 22 and shootin the back leg of a squirrel and letting him go. Why grab if you aint gonna keep em.
  15. fish

    fish Well-Known Member

  16. RaZoRtUsK

    RaZoRtUsK Member

    I snagged a red horse last year. I was fishing with a crankbait for bass.
    Are red horse good to eat?

    If so what is the best way to clean and cook them ?

    Do they have a lot of bones??

    Please let me know I know where I can get a bunch of them
  17. rickie self

    rickie self Well-Known Member

    If not careful you will get bones in mouth eating suckers. Small bones in tails and sides. The tail is ok just to scour with knife on both sides.salt ,roll in cornmeal and fry. You will then only have main tailbone to worry about while eating. There are little bones in tail , but when scour well with knife , won't hurt a thing. The sides are harder, many people only eat tails, and throw sides away. The sides are better than tails in my opionion.You scour them also but you have to know how to eat them. Most people always eat bread while eating, to help if swallow bone.
  18. fish

    fish Well-Known Member


    Same with buffalo except ribs are best. I hate those Y- bones. We net hundreds of pounds when netting for catfish.:thumb:

    ARGROUNDSWATTER Well-Known Member

    From now on just call me ignert.:razz: :biggrin:

  20. rickie self

    rickie self Well-Known Member

    Yellow suckers for supper tonite, enjoy getting em , enjoy eaten em..