Gov. Hutchinson Announces Stan Jones As New Arkansas Game and Fish Commissioner

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  1. heacret

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    LITTLE ROCK – Governor Asa Hutchinson today appointed Stan Jones of Walnut Ridge to the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission.

    Governor Hutchinson issued the following statement:

    “As a fifth generation farmer and an avid outdoorsman, Stan appreciates Arkansas in ways that few others do, and he is a perfect fit for the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission. As a fellow hunter and conservationist, I understand how critical it is to appoint a leader who dearly loves all the natural resources that Arkansas has to offer. Stan has demonstrated a passion for stewarding Arkansas’ natural resources throughout his entire life.”

    Stan Jones issued the following statement:

    “I have always loved the outdoors. That is one thing I like to share, and I want to see others experience that. I look forward to serving Arkansans by working to protect the land in this new role. I am grateful for Governor Hutchinson’s confidence in me to serve on the Game and Fish Commission.”

    Jones is an Arkansas native and a long-time resident of Walnut Ridge. He farms over 7,000 acres of land in Northeast Arkansas and owns BANDED outdoor sporting apparel, Avery Outdoors and the Stan Jones Mallard Lodge. Jones is a graduate of Arkansas State University and serves on the Chancellor’s Cabinet. Jones, a member of ASU’s 1970 National Football Championship team, was inducted into the Arkansas Sports Hall of Fame in 2015. He also serves in the Red Wolves Foundation 500 Club and the Clover Bend Historical Society.

    Arkansas Game and Fish Commissioners are appointed to serve 7-year terms. Stan Jones will replace outgoing commissioner, Fred Brown.
  2. SwampCat

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    Sounds like just a good old normal guy who will understand the plight of regular folks who spent their whole life savings on a few acres to hunt or fish, or have to really scratch to fork over $500 for a deer lease.:D
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  3. tmeredith

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    Great another farmer. No offense to farmers, but if I needed a tooth filled I wouldn't go to a farmer. If I needed my car fixed I wouldn't go to a farmer. I'd just as soon see an insurance compnay ceo named as a commisioner.
  4. SwampCat

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    I would like to see someone from SW AR. The furthest south one lives is Malvern and the rest from Little Rock and North of I40. No wonder they don't care if the deer get slaughtered in south AR - none of them live there.:D
  5. tmeredith

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    Careful what you wish for they will probably appoint some insurance tycoon from Arkadelphia next.
  6. SwampCat

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    And I thought you said you would just as soon they appoint an Insurance Co CEO as a farmer.:D
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  7. tmeredith

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    I did and I would I suppose. Not much difference in leaving a fox to gaurd your henhouse as opposed to leaving a coyote.
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  8. Mt Curr

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    Is this the same person that poached a bunch of deer and had over the limit of duck a few years ago?
  9. tmeredith

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    I don't know about that but he's the guy who gated off a county road going into Rainey Brake.
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  10. pearlsnaps

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    A guy that owns duck hunting brands and a duck hunting lodge? No, I am sure there will never be a conflict of interest....... Asa said he is a great guy, must be true.
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  11. arkrem870

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    everybody owns banded
  12. claytonsdad

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    I don't know this gentleman, so this is no reflection on him, but I can't help but just shake my head when the most qualified candidate for these positions is never just an ordinary working guy. I realize it can require a significant amount of time, but I'll never believe that an average, intelligent, working person that is willing to devote the necessary time can't be found. Heck, I'd do it, but maybe I don't meet that intelligent requirement.....
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  13. armallard

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    He is for sure going enjoy that title.... as stated already it's funny how last year or year before last he was on Kait8 news about putting the gate up and now he's a commisioner BTW He's got a nice lodge from the outside I've drove by it once. I'm sure Asa and the boys will enjoy it. It's not what you know it's who you know politics at its best
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  14. Wildcat1983

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    It’s time these commissioners were elected and not appointed.
  15. John Stiles

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    I'd like to see someone who wasn't initiated into the "silver spoon good ole boy" clubs!
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  16. F B

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    Be careful what you wish for.
  17. Mr. Chitlin

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    NE Ark
    Correct!! Get a group of anti hunters that get organized and you could end up with a commission with a majority of anti hunters and/or anti gunners.
  18. Nomosendero

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    Yes that's true, unintended consequences , much like the 1/8 cent sales tax, that gives Greenies the same voice as a Hunter who buys Sportsman license and all permits each year. As a State gets more populated and Liberal, a Game Dept. can change in a not so good way.