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    If you've ever had it, you know what I'm talking about. If you haven't, believe me, you don't want it!

    Finally got the gun season over with so I can go in the woods without worrying about orange or getting shot, got a new squirrel dog and my trusty .22, ready to go hunt a nice bottom on the South Fork of the Ouachita. Woke up Sunday a.m. and when I put my left foot on the floor it felt like I stepped on hot coals. Left big toe and the area behind it is red, hot and sore as a boil.

    Anyone had one of this kind of flare up before, if so, is there anything short of amputation that will take some of the pain away?
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    go to your doctor and have them give you indomethacin, its a green capsule. take 3 a day and drink a BUNCH of water, it'll be better in a day or two. sorry to hear you are suffering with it, wouldn't wish it on your worst enemy.

  3. Indomethacin and hydrocodone is what my Dr. prescribed. Three doses of indomethacin and 1/2 a tablet of hydrocodone, and I was able to walk to the bathroom without too much pain.
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    I have felt your pain. Got emergency meds set back for the next attack.
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    Been there Done that! If I was a Drinking man at the time I would have SWORE I had gotten Drunk & a Truck had run over my big toe! It turned Purple! I went to a Pioditrist(foot doctor) & he took one look & said it was GOUT! He said he could do blood work to confirm it but it would be a waist of money. He prescribed Indomethacin & put me on Allopurinol,which I have been on ever since! I thought I would have to die to get over it at the time. the only way I could sleep was on the couch with my foot elevated on the arm. I could not stand the toe to touch anything! I Thought I would die one day there when my Dalmation Dog walked by & THUMPED my big toe with that bullwhip tail of hers!:eek::eek::eek:Been 10 years ago & I can still feel it! Get to the Doctor ASAP!I feel for you for what its worth. Good Luck!
  6. Not much helps. My feet are in pain 24/7/365.
    A regimen of soda water 3 times a day may help some. Hydrocodone becomes like M&M's after a very short while.

    I've crawled to the bathroom more than once since the pain of dangling a foot was too much.

    Gout can settle anywhere. Ever had a really sore and tender ear lobe? Gout.

    Gout will actually remove bones. The pain you have is "Dr. Gout" (as my podiatrist said the affliction was dubbed in Med school) eating away at the bones in your foot.

    Uric acid, the culprit, under a microscope looks sort of like a spiked sweet gum ball, only with longer spikes. As paths for removal of uric acid break down in your body, the stuff settles out. Thus the feet are affected.

    Since the body sees this as a foreign attack, it sends white blood cells to the fight. The microscopic spiked acid particles pierce the white blood cells releasing digestive fluids, etcetera. Thus the massive pain. Your own body is digesting itself!

    Some bones will disappear as if surgically removed by Dr. Gout.

    Lots of online sites claim to have cures but I believe them to be charlatans. As to diet, I never saw ANY change by cutting out their listed bad foods. Since I suffer anyway, my life is short and I'm going to eat - in moderation - what I like.

    I most certainly commiserate with you. I have nerve damage in my feet to boot (nice grim pun there eh?) and they seem on fire as I type this. I've had one foot swell very large and the whole thing turn boiled lobster red.

    I have sat on my couch rocking back and forth in pain in the wee hours on many occasions. I just keep praying. I'm not a drinking man but if booze was a cure I might start.

    Wish you the best and will offer up prayer
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    Thanks for the tips and sympathy. Guess I'd better visit my friendly sawbones tomorrow. I'm thinking I'm snakebit, as I just got over a battle with cellulitis in my right foot/lower leg and now this!
  8. I went to a guy in hot springs that I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND, a podiatrist Dr. Hughgentobler. He was 100% unsympathetic and offered me no help with pain though I was practically in tears.

    All physicians are not created equal.
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    Hope you get better man. It was rough on my grandpa for sure.
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    The best drug to get rid of gout is cholechine. Sometimes doctors dont want to prescribe it, but it works great. Steriods are also useful in helping with the pain. Allopurinal is the drug used to keep your uric acid at normal levels. Gout is mostly caused from a rich diet. Not fun when you get it. Good luck.
  11. Steroids may help some but the side effects are something else. My mother who had Lupus, took high dosages for years and it devastates parts of your system.

    I had to take a high dosage for sometime a few years ago to treat an inflamed optic nerve. It is the Jekyll and Hyde drug. I became Mr. Hyde as I took the prescribed 150mg a day for weeks. I would fly into a rage over the smallest thing and even as I was blowing up it didn't seem like me.

    I was never so glad to get off a medication in my life. Unless it's a life or death situation, which it was for my mom, steer clear. It helped I guess in my case but still lost 20% of the vision in my right eye.

    My doctor told Mr some new drugs for gout were available but cost was prohibitive.
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    I am just getting over a 6 week attack in my knee. Worst and longest I have ever experienced. For several days I could barely walk. 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda in an 8 ounce glass of water and 800 mg of ibuprofen every 4 hours, is the best home brew I have found. Its just a shame I waited a month to discover it.
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    Same as Thumper / been on allopurinol 30 yr now.:alright:
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    Amen to that brother! I just got off of it after being on it for 7 months...short fuse, steroid acne, moon face, and that's while you're on it. The bad part is when you start to wean off and you better wean real slow or else. I had 3 weeks left on a taper when I got real sick and stopped taking it...I seriously almost died and I am a healthy 37 year old man. If I'd have been in a little worse shape and a little older and more frail, it would have gotten me. Now that I'm off of it, my body still isn't used to being without supplemental cortisol and my joint aches like a 70 year old with Rheumatoid arthritis. Prednisone steroids, while necesarry sometimes, are the devils drug...I'll die before I go on it again.
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    Steroids would be a last resort for me, just after amputation. My dad was on steroids for the last 11 years of his life. He swelled up like a poisoned puppy and his entire attitude changed. Wouldn't do any good for me to use a drug that would cause my wife to kill me, just would make it quicker!