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Got the boat registered (Where can I get a VIN tag?)

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I need to get a tag engraved with my hull ID on it. Where can I get one done at? I also need stickers for the letters and numbers that go on the side of the boat. Can anyone help? One more question: When they asked motor size, I said none because I don't have an outboard. Should I have told her I have a trolling motor? And if I ever buy a small outboard, what do I do when my registration says I have on motor?
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The hull tag with your VIN# is really easy. Get a cheap set of number and letter stamps from Harbor Freight and stamp the VIN onto an aluminum strip cut from an old license plate and fasten it to the boat with pop rivets. WalMart has the vinyl letters you need.

About that motor or no motor thing, you better call the revenue office and ask about that one. All my boats have the motor HP right on the registration. But that's the whole point of registering a boat; if it has no motor you don't need to register it. At least that's what I used to think...

You can always find a 20% off coupon for Harbor Freight, and when they put those stamp sets on sale, they're less than ten bucks to start with. Just sayin'.
I would think as long as you have the stickers on the boat and your registration paper you would be good. Just looked at mine for a flatbottom with only a trolling motor and it has no motor info filled out. Under propulsion it has outboard
now you have to have all boats registered unless it has no motor at all, so if you have a trolling motor on it registered
You could also make a vin # tag with an engraving tool on a little piece of aluminum.
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