Got Robbed!

Discussion in 'Bowhunting' started by bayman1975, Dec 28, 2010.

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    My son-in-law called yesterday to tell me that somebody had stolen the 2 stands and the feeder we had on Cherokee Village for the Urban Hunt. They took it all. The chains, locks, even a couple of screws put in the tree for the feeder. And, somebody else has put a feeder in the same spot. No stand.

    We origionally had one stand there, but my SIL wanted to hunt with his Dad and video some, so we put the second stand across from the first around the same feeder.
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  3. JohnnieWalker

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    Sorry 'bout your luck. And got the chains too? :mad:
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    HMMMMM. Stole your feeder and stands, but yet someone else put a feeder there? There has been a a lot of stealing going on. Too lazy to get a job, but steal other people's stuff. I hate it happened.
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    NE Ark
    One of these days we are gonna need to have an open season on thieves!!
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    You should call the local wardens and let them know and see if they can catch there.
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    I really hate that for ya. Pretty sad we gotta live around people who would do that.
    I think the manufactorers (sp) of hunting equipment, especially those items that get left in the woods should come up with something to stop all the thieving. Tracking device or whatever. I bet the hunters that use them would be more than willing to pay a few extra $ for the protection. There's gotta be something they could come up with .....:head:

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    Probably meth heads looking for something to sell...
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    Getting RFD tags for all your gear could get pretty expensive pretty fast, you could do it though, esp cameras...
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    Sorry to hear that y'alls stuff got stolen
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    That sucks. I think I'd camp out by that new feeder and wait for the person to show up and just have a little talk with him. Although, he honestly might not know anything about it, but I would still ask him what's up.
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    I wouldn't doubt it. I came home 2 weeks ago from hunting, and saw a truck that was 5 miles from the house where I hunt at turning around. I didn't think any thing about it, until I watched two guys throw some scrap from the barn across the street into the back of the truck.
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    Man I hate that hope the best for you.
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    Tis the season to take your stuff

    Sorry sob's broke in my house back on the first between 8-11 a.m. and clipped me for about 4 grand worth of stuff...:censored::censored:
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    Ive been hit a few times this year as well. First was a ladder stand, Second was a climber while I was at camp, and then Monday I found 1 camera missing and my wires to my feeder motor and timer cut. I say we thin the heard some.

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    Just give me a day or so notice...I'd trade my truck for a wheel barrow load of ammo if they'd open a season on em!!:biggrin:

    Sorry they hit ya!!
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    Set up another feeder and stand then booby trap it.:whistle: