Got My NWR Turkey Permits

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    The USFWS posted the instructions for obtaining a turkey hunting permit for Felsenthal NWR and Pond Creek NWR last week. They did it a little different this year. They were awarding them on a first come, first serve basis. They would not accept any applications until Monday Jan. 3rd. So I filled out the online app. and printed them off. Went by my bank and got a couple of $12.50 cashiers checks and instead of mailing them I headed over to their office Monday about 12:30 pm and walked out with both permits in my hand. No waiting, no wondering if I would draw. The lady at the office was super nice and It's great to know I can go ahead and plan my turkey season around these hunts. The Pond Creek hunt is April 9/10 and the Felsenthal hunt is April 16/17/18. I killed a nice gobbler on Felsenthal in 2009. The refuge was closed last year due to extensive flooding. It will be nice to be able to hunt the weekend of the 9th and 10th and Pond creek is a great place to spend a weekend chasing gobblers instead of listening on my lease.
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    Man that sounds like a good deal. Good luck