Got My Magic Spot Turkey Feeder Going Today

Discussion in 'Turkey Hunting' started by davglo35, Jan 7, 2011.

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    I got my set up running and ready today just like every year. There is a logging operation in full swing about 300 yards away. It will be interesting to see what shows up with all the comotion and noise. I've commented on a few post lately about Game cameras for turkeys and how to go about doing it. I've attached a few pics from last year and one that won me 8th place in the Camtrakker photo contest (35mm). The deer pic is a buck that had shed his rack and looked to be in horrible shape. What's yalls opinion on what might be this buck's problem?
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  2. I love the turkey pics. As far as the deer goes. I have no clue, what ever it is he had it bad.

  3. meatgravy

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    Looks like he might have taken an arrow in the gut and or stomach and lived. Probably infected or it's just too painful to eat. He likely did not survive.
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    Great turkey pics but that poor deer needs to take a dirt nap
  5. It looks like he might have an injury on his back right side. Could have been hit by an auto. Or shot and lived. I doubt if he made it.
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    These are some awesome photos. The buck could have had anything happen to him....I know I harp on this too much and don't mean to be pessimist here but keep your timers set low and check the corn you are buying that is has low aflatoxin levels if at all possible. This probably has nothing to do with the deer but I would hate to see you lose such a great turkey population due to this. As I have said before, we really don't know what affects these may be having across the state. Again, great photos!:thumb: