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Got me a new toy!

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Its a marlin 1894 SS 44 mag/ 44 special. havent got to shoot it yet but it sure is perty. and this one has the JM stamped on the barrel next to the reciever.
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Those are sweet. Pictures to drool on would be nice, though! :biggrin:
give me a few an ill get pics up.
thanks yall im pretty excited. and my 7 yr old son is more excited than i am! ill let yall know how it shoots tomorrow!
You'll love it!! Load up some moderate velocity ammo and it will be a pleasure to shoot. I shoot a 240 gr HC bullet over a moderate charge of Unique and it gets right at 1300 FPS from my 1894. With full power 44 Mags it will run ~1700 FPS.

Keep in mind that if you use the shorter 44 SPL brass you could build up a ring that may cause problems when you try to use 44 Mag ammo. I only use 44 Mag bras, no matter the load.
thanks for the info mr. c! i have a box of pmc eldorado starfire factory loads but soon as my dies come in its on!
I only use 44 Mag bras, no matter the load.
Just like my wife! :whistle:

That is one sweet-looking gun!
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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